Zika Virus: Another Disease In India

Zika Virus: Another Disease In India

Ades mosquitoes generally breed in small collections of water, so try as much as possible to eliminate that kind of place.

Zika Virus: Another Disease In India



More than 61 people were affected by the Zika Virus in Kerala. The disease is caused by the Ades mosquito bite and there is no specific syndrome at the initial level, but there can be seen fever, conjunctivitis, headrace, joint pain, etc. Generally, the symptoms can stay for 2 to 7 days, but in most cases, it is hard to determine whether the disease is caused by Zika or not.

If there is a case of pregnancy then for the virus effect there can be some birth issues along with other problems. If we take a look at the extreme case then there can be neurotically problems in all aged people, there can be Guillain-Barré syndrome.

Historical Background:


It was first seen in Uganda in 1947 in monkeys, and it was first identified in humans in 1956 in Uganda and in the Republic of Tanzania, there were several cases recorded around the world from 1960 to 1980 but the first recorded outbreak was in 2007. In the case of India, it was in western Gujrat in 2016-2017. Recently, the health minister of Kerala Veena Gorge declared about the virus outbreak.

How to Prevent: 

It has been shown by the researches that the mosquito bite is the main purpose to spread the virus and especially in the evening, so if we can prevent this problem and take some measurements then it can be prevented. And along with this, we should take more care of pregnant women and their children. Everyone should wear cloth that covers as much as possible and should use a mosquito net, especially for pregnant women and children. 


Ades mosquitoes generally breed in small collections of water, so try as much as possible to eliminate that kind of place. To reduce mosquito breeding sites, community initiatives are essential. It may also be advisable to use larvicides and insecticides to control mosquito populations.


There is also the possibility that zika virus transmission can happen to form a pregnant mother to the child, which causes microcephaly (smaller head size) and other congenital malformations in children, collectively referred to as congenital Zika syndrome. Microcephaly is a condition caused by abnormal brain development or brain tissue loss. based on the level of brain damage, the child's outcome may vary.


As well as limb contractures, hypertonic muscles, eye and hearing abnormalities, Zika syndrome causes congenital limb malformations. It is still not known if a pregnant woman infected with Zika will develop congenital malformations; however, approximately 5-15% of babies born to women who contracted the virus during pregnancy suffered congenital complications as a result, both symptomatic and asymptomatic infections can cause congenital malformations. So it is clear that pregnant women and infants should be given more care.


There is another cause of spreading the virus is during sexual intercourse. The Zika virus has been linked to adverse pregnancy outcomes in some studies. People with Zika virus infection and their sexual partners (especially pregnant women) in regions with active transmission of Zika virus need to know the risks associated with transmitting Zika virus sexually.


Consequently, the WHO advised correct counseling and offering a full range of contraception methods to sexually active men and women who are planning to become pregnant to prevent possible adverse outcomes. In regions without active Zika virus transmission, WHO advised men and women returning from areas with active Zika virus transmission to practice safer sex or abstain from sex for six months and two months, respectively, to prevent infection. Partners of pregnant women living in Zika-infected areas or returning from those areas should engage in safer sex practices or refrain from sexual activity throughout their pregnancy.


Recent Development:


According to the report the new cases are found among health workers, and the first victim was a 24-year pregnant woman from a town shearing border with Tamil Nadu. Though the woman was infectious now her condition is safe and she gave birth to a baby. According to the government official, there will be awareness campaigns for the common people and among pregnant women and young people especially. Though the state is battling against the covid Pandemic there will be separate specialization on this case.

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