Why Do Employees Resist Change In The Work Place

Why Do Employees Resist Change In The Work Place

Change in a company remains unwelcomed because employees prefer to stick to the past.

In a company whenever a change is introduced of course employees don’t welcome that with an open heart. Honestly, they can’t remain indifferent to the whole thing. They resist the change because somehow they feel insecure. Loss of stability in position and job status leads to panic. To employees, it is very logical to create a shield against any change in their workplace. So today let’s see what are the causes that make the employees resist the change. 

Job Loss 

Whenever a company undergoes any kind of change in terms of product, technology, and system the change means streamlining the employees to make them work smartly. Now employees who perceive that these changes are detrimental to their present position of course they will object. Well from their perspective this change is not well accepted because somehow it is raising a question to their credibility. Now employees who are satiated with their job role and position don’t resist the changes and they welcome the changes as a significant development. 

Apprehensive of the Unknown

Change in a company remains unwelcomed because employees prefer to stick to the past. This is because working methods in the past were more secured and predictable. Now if they achieved a lot in the past then certainly they will try to follow the same course to get more. However whenever a change is declared such possibilities get reduced. Well, they believe that less the organization is aware of the changeless they would be able to inform the employees. And this results in fear and panic among employees. Majorly they fear the consequences. Therefore companies need to stay prepared beforehand so that they can pre-warn the employees regarding the change and its impact. 

Losing Authority 

When employees do the same thing every day they feel quite at ease. And that sense gives them relief. Moreover, they can exercise full authority in the workplace. The moment when changes are introduced they feel at a loss and reckless. Honestly, employees respond positively to the changes the moment they feel that they can put the same authority. To make them embrace the changes, the companies have to communicate with them. Let them get the feeling that they are an inevitable part of the company and their contributions made the company achieve the best. Companies should organize some voluntary work process from beforehand as that will help the employees get familiar with the changes and that will let them control the new changes easily. 

No Rewards 

Employees feel motivated when you reward them. And that paves the way towards accepting the change. But the moment when they are deprived of rewards they are not willing to accept the change. The management should consider this rewarding system diligently to make employees accept change in the long run. Implementation will be beneficial and remember this reward does not have to be expensive.  

Losing Competence 

When an employee joins the company he gets hired based on certain skill sets. Now when organizations decide to implement some changes the pre-set skills of employees are jeopardized. This is because at times the changes involve new skills and employees have to get over those. This is because unless they can do they won’t be able to adjust to the new change requirement. It happens that employees don’t feel like learning the new things and are reluctant to the new developments. 

Final Say 

Thus these are the reasons why employees resist the changes in the companies. But if companies take the step from beforehand then they will be able to make employees accept the changes positively.

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