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CLIQTAX is a tech platform designed to connect Professionals & consultants such as Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Cost & Management Accountants, Lawyers to users & cover latest news, information, articles, featured stories related to Sports Person, Entrepreneurs, Business, Professionals & Start-up’s.

We update our reader with latest News & updates on these which includes Trending, Latest Articles, Start-up stories, Business & General Updates etc.

We at CLIQTAX, hope to create an enriching and interactive platform for our contributing writers who are Professionals & Consultants such as Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Cost & Management Accountants, Lawyers, students, Authors, Writers & other graduates, encouraging them to write on what they are passionate about, while maintaining a high threshold of quality for our sophisticated, enquiring and valuable readers. Therefore, we need to define a few article submission guidelines, as explained in this Editorial document.

These guidelines include parameters and tips that authors & writers should adhere to in their article submissions. You can of course start writing as soon as you Login, but to ensure that each article on CLIQTAX is of a certain standard and is thematically relevant to our editorial perspective, we only accept submissions which comply with our guideline’s standards.

Who can write?
We encourage contributions from everyone. There are no formal qualifying criteria. We understand that if you choose a topic close to your professional expertise & write an article then the credibility & content quality comes on its own.

Therefore, we advise you to complete your profile & connect all your social accounts to your CLIQTAX profile so our readers will be able to know more about you.

Your submission, however, must be exclusive to CLIQTAX which means content must be unique & not copy pasted from anywhere & also that is, never published anywhere else before.

What can you write about?
Your topic should broadly be within the thematic buckets – Legal, Industry, Government, Finance, and General etc. These verticals include categories & tags, some of which are listed below:

Legal: Laws, Acts, Rules, Regulations, Notification, Department Circulars, Clarification, & other Legal Updates

Industry: Finance, Stocks, Investing, Start-ups, Trading, Management, Taxes, Real Estate, Cryptocurrency, Industry, Fintech, Media Government: Government schemes, Policies, benefits, announcements, changes, reforms, National & International Updates

Finance: Economy, Markets, Trade, Policy, Macro, World, Budget, Industry, Healthcare, Aviation, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Auto, Welfare, Financial Institutions

General: Science, Health, Digital, Lifestyle, AI, Technology, Privacy, Sports, Culture, Fitness, Food, Reviews, Consumer Interest

Your submission must be engaging to the reader. Give a convincing & fascinating title and start with a brief background. The highlight of your article will be the opening First or second paragraphs. Content should be able to communicate the key purpose and hold the reader’s attention for while reading the article. Tell them why your article matters! Divide your article into thematic paragraphs or sub-sections to organise your writing in a better manner. Give witty headings and sub-headings to these sections. Have seamless transitions between sentences and paragraphs. Each segment should connect to the previous one. Before writing your article, draw your article’s outline so that you convey your argument in a categorical and systemic fashion.

We provide 2 formats which are as follows:

A. Regular Format
With this format you can write any type of article like short content, detailed content, case study etc in simplified manner.
Sample article is shown below:

B. Tabular Format
With this format you can create a table where all headings/points will be linked with the content related to that particular heading/point.
How it can be done?
1. Choose one heading & write it in the space given.
2. Write content related to heading in description box.

You can add more headings to make your article more descriptive.
Sample article is shown below:

Our Readers should be able to finish the read ideally in one go, so write a long article only if you can keep them engaged. Keeping the short attention span of readers in mind, we suggest that you limit yourself to 800-1000 words and use a longer format only if necessary (max. 2000 words). At the same time, make sure that your article is at least 600-800 words long.


The Content of article should critically engage with the topic, provoking the reader to agree, disagree or argue Enhance visual appeal via images. Incorporate relevant data via charts and graphs Provide source links to URLs of relevant online references in the body of the article where applicable. We have also given a separate option to mention in the article your references before submission. Proofread your article five times before submitting.


Don’t confront any political, Controversial or communal issue. If we found something controversial or offensive submission, we will reject the submission and block the user's account

  • You may choose topics for writing with a Nation-wide or International dimension. Local issues (i.e. State, provincial) should be avoided
  • We publish articles in English Language only
  • Don’t bring too many issues under one umbrella as rambling is cringed upon
  • Re-writing of previously published content is not acceptable, not even if it is a social post like Facebook post, what’s app or Blog post etc
  • Unsolicited promotional content is not permitted. Kindly contact us for advertisement if you wish to have or check out advertise section of CLIQTAX.
  • If you plagiarise, we will know, so don’t
  • Avoid using technical jargon. Keep it simple, keep it sassy
  • CLIQTAX editorial team is the ultimate arbiter over what will be published.

Login and click on the Write an Article Tab (i.e. On the top right corner of your screen) to start writing.

You can also send us your submission at Our editorial team will revert you promptly.