Sonu Sood had set an ideal example for all those who really want to help the needy in this pandemic situation.


He showed us how by just taking a small and simple step one can really help the others. He became a messiah for many of the stranded migrant labourers by helping them to reach to their native places. He is putting all his efforts into making all these peoples wish to come true.

He had voluntarily taken a job of sending the stranded migrant labourers to their home. He has said that he is fully determined and won’t rest until he sends the last migrant to his/her home.

Sonu And Film Industry 

Born in Moga, Punjab Sonu Sood’s unbelievable and truly motivational journey from being an engineer to an entertainer is truly inspiring for all of us. The famous model, actor and also a producer is an electrical engineering graduate from Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering in Nagpur.

Sonu Sood started his career in Tollywood film industry and made his debut with a Tamil film named Kallaazhagar. He carved out a niche for himself as one of the best villains in the South Indian film industry.


After working in Tollywood for some time he got his first big break in Bollywood in the year 2002 as the iconic character of Bhagat Singh in ‘Shahid-E-Azam’ movie. In his two-decade-long and still counting career in the film industry, Sonu has acted in more than 60 films in six languages.

The major blockbusters of his career being the character of ‘Chedi Singh’ in Dabang, Simbaa, Happy New Year, Entertainment, Singh is King, Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi, Buddha Hoga Tera Baap and the list goes on and on.

The Hardships

Sonu’s journey from being a struggler to a well-established name in the film industry is itself amazing. The actor used to live in a rented flat of 1-BHK in Mumbai with many others who were also struggling to make their names in similar fields.

He used to travel miles to give an audition for a role or just to meet someone in order to get some work. Sonu used to travel with a travel pass in Mumbai locals in his struggling days.

Sonu owes his journey to success to his late parents, father Shakti Sagar Sood and mother Saroj Sood. When Sonu was struggling in the early days, his mother used to motivate him not to give up and keep hanging in there

This was his biggest strength in those days. By coming out of all the struggles that he faced,  Sonu has started a production house named after his late father as ‘Shakti Sagar production house’, through which he wants to help all those outsiders who want to show their skill and talent to the world.

Sonu-The Superman for a Social Cause

Sonu Sood has always been an active social worker and was always into this noble cause. In 2016, he started ‘Saroj Initiative’ named after his mother to help the acid attack survivors and also the differently-abled people.

More recently in April this year the superman Sonu Sood has launched another initiative named as ‘Shakti Annadaanam’ to provide meals to 1,50,000 underprivileged people in Mumbai. Sonu says that he follows his mother’s word that no one has ever become poor by giving.


As we all know that the nationwide lockdown during the current COVID 19 pandemic thousands of migrant labourers got stuck in the city is where they were working before the lockdown. Their workplace was far away from their home states.

They were the ones who got severely impacted and during this crisis, many celebrities businessman rose to the occasion and are doing their very best to help them out of this crisis.

Famously called as Superman these days Sonu Sood has been truly sensational when it came to helping the stranded migrant labourers in the nationwide lockdown face.

He and his team have been instrumental in arranging all travel and food arrangements without disturbing the state functionaries. Sonu opened a call centre with a helpline number to help the migrant labourers to reach their homes. 

Sonu and his team attend thousands of calls every day and provide help to all those who are either stuck in any corner of the nation or in need of food and shelter. He and his team work day and night to help all those who are severely impacted by this lockdown.

This initiative of Sonu Sood’s where he is sending the migrant labourers home is powered by Lala Bhagwan Das trust and is supported by Khaana Chahiye which is aimed at ending hunger during the lockdown phase.


This initiative has been named as ‘Ghar Bhejo’ initiative. Sonu Sood’s acts of kindness have motivated many Bollywood celebrities to join in hands in this crucial time. These include the famous director and choreographer Farah Khan Golmaal fame director Rohit Shetty and actress Tabu among many others.

Sonu‘s wife Sonali, his chartered accountant Pankaj Jalistagi, his friend Neeti Goel, Harsh Sikariya and KK Mookhey are being the prominent faces of Sonu’s team which is managing this daunting task.

Sonu Sood has himself thank the various state governments for helping his team in making this seemingly difficult task possible. As getting permission from various states and arranging the paperwork was quite an uphill task, but with the help and support of all these state governments, this task became achievable for them.

The actor not only helped the stranded labourers but also offered his Mumbai hotel to help the corona Warriors in this crisis. He also raised many PPE Kits for them.

Sonu has also arranged a chartered flight for 177 stranded migrant women workers in Kerala to their home state Odisha. Sonu has been receiving a huge applaud from all the corners of the nation for his thankless and effortless work. The government have also praised Sonu for his terrific work that he is been doing for the migrant workers.

Due to all these relentless heroic efforts in this COVID-19 phase, Sonu Sood is currently the ‘go-to man’ for various brands such as Pepsi Godrej Ease my trip. His work as a superhero amid this pandemic has made him trending almost every single day on the social media platforms.

Sonu’s huge popularity mixed with positive content is giving these brands high visibility.

The list consisting of Sonu Sood’s acts of kindness can be endless but they are definitely a great source of motivation for the youth. We all should come forward and do our bit for the well-being of humanity. Sonu has definitely shown us the way.

Edited by Minu Mishra

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