Solana: A Developing Crypto

Solana: A Developing Crypto

It is a web-scale blockchain that gives a faster, secure, accessible, dapps ,marketplace.

What is Solana?

Solana, Platform was founded in 2017 by Antoly Yakovenko .He has broad experience in compression algorithms. It is a web-scale blockchain that gives a faster, secure, accessible, dapps, marketplace. The platform currently supports 50000 TPS. The goal of the Solana Platform is to demonstrate that there is a possible set of software algorithms that are used to innovate the Blockchain. It is an easily adaptable, accessible network.

Innovations of Solana

1. Proof of History (POH): Solana POH’s mechanism helps in creating higher efficiency levels across the Solana network. as we know that it records the history of the transactions and leads to keeping track of these.

2. Tower BFT-PBFT (Practical Byzantine Fault Toleration): PBFT consensus is likely to take the benefits of the synchronized clock. Tower BFT uses the PBFT based consensus mechanism to avoid the transactional latency & messaging overhead.

3. Turbine-Block Propagation Protocol: Turbine protocol helps in the dissemination of data to blockchain nodes facilitates the transmission of data by breaking it into smaller parts. It allows Solana in setting the transaction faster.

4. Gulf Stream: The Gulf stream protocol has a critical role in pushing & forwarding the transactions to the edge of the network. It helps the validators in confirming the transactions faster, using lower fees. Hence, the protocol helps Solana in supporting 50K TPS.

5. Sealevel: An Hyper Parallelized transaction processing engine that is generally used across GPUs & SSDs.It allows the transactions to run concurrently on the same blockchain.

6. Pipeline: It is a method where a stream of input data to various hardware responsible for it. The mechanism helps in faster validation & replication across all the nodes.

7. Cloudbreak: Cloubreak is optimal for the concurrent reads and it writes across the network.

8. Archivers: Archiver is a network of nodes.

Functioning of the Solana

  • Information of the transaction to the leader.
  • Then leaders will sequence these messages and order them properly so they can be easily processed.
  • Execution of the transaction takes place.
  • Leaders will publish the transactions with signatures to verifiers.
  • Verifiers will execute these transactions on their copies of signatures and publish them.
  • Published confirmations will serve as votes to the consensus algorithm.

Sol Token

Sol token is the token currency of the Solana ecosystem. The token can be easily passed to the nodes in the Solana cluster on its on-chain programs. Another feature of the Sol is the processing of the Micropayments known as imports. Currently, SOL is 26 billion in supply. Stalking is the method by which people can hold their tokens and earn profits. The process of stalking is as follows:

  • Transfer the tokens to those wallets which support stalking.
  • Creation of the stalking account.
  • Choosing a validate from Solana validators.
  • Delegation of stake to validators.

What is Solana Cluster?

It plays an important role in Solana’s Ecosystem. A set of computers that are working together is known as clusters. Solana cluster is a set of independently owned computers that are working together.

To Sum Up

Solana used to solve various traditional issues which were experienced by Blockchain technology. It is a new structure for verifying transactions and an efficient consensus algorithm. This will be a stronger competitor to Bitcoin & ethereum. It has shown its modern advancements in less period. It will continue to develop the crypto world.

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