A Singapore-based start-up ‘RESULTICKS’ is a marketing platform that provides advanced digital marketing services and tools.

The agency has helped succeed more than 150 brands around the world.

The Beginning

Redickka Subrammanian, the CEO of Resulticks, along with her co-founder Dakshen Ram had developed a deep understanding of the needs and challenges that clients were facing in the advent of the digital era. The biggest challenge was to quantify ROI from marketing and get rid of siloed data and fragmented systems.

To tackle these challenges, Resulticks was built into a real-time conversational marketing company that aims to empower the brands across the world. The model included integrated, next generation solutions that deliver real-time omnichannel customer engagement.

Another challenge was to convince brands to take a leap and embrace the new technology, but it was short lived as Resulticks was able to develop the trust in clients.

How does Resulticks help the brands?

The platform functions on three vertices that helps in demonstrating the capabilities of the solution and the value the company creates.

First is the audience master data management capability that helps consolidate all the data from internal and external sources of the brand in a structured way. It facilitates better accessibility of processed information to provide a sound solution or strategy.

Second is the omnichannel orchestration capability, that helps the marketing organizations and brands to deliver the seamless services to the customers across all the integrated channels and mediums.

Third is the advanced analytics-cum-ML and AI capability, that deliver the insights required to customize the experience of customers based on their expectations.

This integrated approach of Resulticks allowed the brands and marketers to access the 360-degree customer view. It helped create the advanced audience segments and organized omni-channel campaigns across all the distribution channels such as on web, email, mobile, social media, paid media, voice among others.

With AI enabled solutions, marketers get the access to comprehensive campaign reports that help them take corrective measures in real time.

Revenue Model and Technology

Resulticks renders the solution packages to three segments i.e. startups, mid-market, and large enterprises at different pricing models and revenue generation comes from solution licensing, smart engagement, and consumables

The solution packages that are digitally enabled, channel-agnostic and real-time marketplace are fully integrated and formulated by the experts in marketing, technology, and business strategy.

With its omnichannel coverage, the platform delivers the service across all the offline and online mediums while ensuring the access to high speed, scale and convenience of a marketing cloud.

Market Landscape 

As per the estimate by Grand View Research, a U.S. based market research and consulting company, the marketing automation software market will be worth $7.63 Bn by 2025. And, in India alone the size of the market is over $500 Mn.

Resulticks get tough face off from competitive players like Ozonetel, Exotel, Knowlarity, VoiceTree. Going ahead, it is working towards deepening its core capabilities and expanding its presence to tap the market where it has strong hold such as in Southeast Asian markets across Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia.

Some of the prominent clients who are taking the solution packages for effective integration of channels are American Express, Samsung, Levi’s Etisalat, UTI Mutual Funds, Manipal Hospitals, and HDFC Bank.

How blockchain meets the marketing needs?

Founder and the CEO, Redickaa Subrammanian, said like any other platform, the advertising and marketing involves various players into the gamedifferent advertising agencies, affiliate marketing and so on.

Furthermore, she said the customers now are evolved and recognize the power of AI, ML and big data and blockchain.

The marketing data blockchain makes the platform accessible for all the members of the marketing ecosystem to participate and when a customer gets the data from one single source there is less chances of foreign intervention with data and security.

The marketing-blockchain company processes over 12 Mn real-time transactions per hour and 23 Bn communications per week. The main aim is to consolidate the data in a highly scalable, and secure manner. 

When blockchain and the market will meet, it will bring the people closer regardless of geographical boundaries. Every person who has access to a computer, an ISP, and electricity will be able to benefit from the internet. Most importantly, every person will have concerns about the privacy of the data that will be solved by the blockchain encryption.

The marketers with permission-based access will come up with new ways to interact and engage with customers that improves the buying experiences.

There is still a long bridge to cross in terms of customer awareness, education, and rights because it will be totally different from today. Not only customers, but machines too have to be advanced enough to pick up the past behaviour of the buyers and offer the customized and personalized solutions.

Edited by: Swati Jha

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