Quarkchain: Scalability, Transparency, Security, Reliability & Much More…

Quarkchain: Scalability, Transparency, Security, Reliability & Much More…

The main motive is to bring crypto to a mainstream audience and helps the smart contracts with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

“Quarkchain” is the latest blockchain that aims to create highly scalable & secured transactions that can easily regulate above than one million transactions in one second. It uses a two-layered blockchain system. The main motive is to bring crypto to a mainstream audience and helps the smart contracts with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). It leads to the easy deployment of dapps which was built on Ethereum to Quarkchain 

Some Things Needed to Consider

1. If Quarkchain can give secure transactions on the blockchain before the period in which Ethereum solves its scalability issues Dapps will migrate to Quarkchain as it will be beneficial for their transactions regarding scalability & security.

2. 25% of the total; hashing power is necessary to initiate an attack on the Quarchain network.The percentage is less in comparison to other blockchains network and it is a cause of introspection as a serious cyber attack can shatter the security of transactions on Quarkchain.

3. There are many competitors in the market which are giving the solution to the problem of Blockchain scalabilities like Rchain, Kadena, Thunder Token, Algorand, Bitcoin, and several others so one blockchain cannot  rule the market.

4. Transparency of Quarkchain can lead to fewer partnerships as commercial firms do not want that their transactions are available publicly.

Features of Quarkchain

1. Smart Contracts: As we know that quarkchain regulates smart contracts with the help of Ethereum Virtual Machine(EVM).In Quarkchain all users can use the single primary account where the user's funds are collected. If a user wants to transfer the funds to a Different blockchain the user can send it through directly with their primary account.

2. Collaborative Mining: Quarkchain, Hybrid POW blockchain that takes the help of ASIC resistant Pow. The deal is confirmed when Rootchain reaches consensus via PoW. The speed of Quarkchain is incomparable as it can finalize Blocks in 10 seconds & Rootchain confirmed blocks in 2.5 seconds.

3. Harsh Power: As we know that different blockchain give various rewards to mining difficulty and it assists miners in choosing the best blockchain according to returns. In the case of Quarkchain, Its mining difficulty Algorithms are made in such a way that at least 50% of total hash power is given to Root blockchain, and the remaining will be distributed to Sharded blockchain. In comparison to bitcoin which requires 51% hash power a user looking to attack Quarkchain requires only 25% of the total hash power.

4. Clustering:  Quarkchain has a unique feature of “Clustering” in this method mini nodes can work together to make a full node.

5. Testnet: Currently Quarkchain has a private test net with 8 sharded blockchains and each shard performing 100 to 200 transactions per second.

Expert Opinion on Quarkchain

According to CenterPrime "Quarkchain is a stable blockchain network based on sharded platforms also take part in Oracle Defi system, the expanding process of Oracle Defi system can accelerate Quarkchain also. We will always look for new opportunities for the various users of Quarchain platforms.” As we know that High throughout coin is well prepared to give a tough competition .quarkchain can reach its all-time high price at $0.30 per coin. It is likely to modify and upgrade its blockchain. The main reason for Quarchain fall can be Technological loopholes and if it will not revamp the process according to its competitors it can witness a major fall.

Wrapping Up

The story of Quarkchain success in the future will depend on many factors like market trends, Technological advancements, competitors' strategy etc. We cannot say that It will succeed in the future as there is so much competition in the market and the number of rivals are increasing day by day. The need of the Quarkchain is to revamp its technicalities and become more preferable in the blockchain industry.

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