JioMart” after all the Mega Marts we had been visiting is bringing the bazaars home. All you will need is Whats App.

Online Shoping on WhatsApp with Jio!

Next-Gen convenience is to be able to skim through world news in not more than sixty words, and run businesses from the couch at home. It isn’t that the hassle is any less, but probably because the hassle is more than it ever was long ago, it calls for innovation.

Countries like the United States of America and China started expanding their retail stores over their messaging platforms two years ago. WeChat in China is the largest messaging network, and their grocery stores are called Walmart. WeChat is used to place orders in the nearest store and one can pick up their orders without standing in queues for checkout or without encountering tedious crowds during their shopping.

“JioMart” after all the Mega Marts we had been visiting is bringing the bazaars home. All you will need is WhatsApp. An e-commerce venture started by the Reliance Group of Industries, post their collaboration with Facebook, and in turn, WhatsApp by Facebook.

The process to order kirana or ration is simplified as never before. All you need to do is place your order on your WhatsApp text message, go to the nearest grocery store, pick your order up and pay in cash.

The Reliance Industries will do this in collaboration with over 30 million pop-and-store owners, as is reported by Mr. Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of the RIL himself. The users will be given a number 8850008000 to add on their WhatsApp. They will be required to make a call on this number, followed by which, they will receive a link on their WhatsApp. They can then place their order and it will be shared with the nearest store. The user will get the details of their order and the store so that they can go and pick their order up for cash payment.

It is the era of smart phones and smarter lives indeed.

The Reliance Group of Industries is paving way to a customer-centred sale of different kinds of essentials, like food, grocery, medicine, fashion and lifestyle. The products are wide in range and utility. No more haggling with sabjiwalas or sweeping past crowds in stores, no more hustle for the parking space; it is all only one click away.

The initiative has been started keeping in mind the huge user base WhatsApp has, numbering close to 400 million. Not only that, it is also important to look at how much time users spend on WhatsApp in a day. It is certainly a great amount of time, from our own experiences.

JioMart would be a small space or application within WhatsApp. The idea has been induced from sources like WeChat in China which has been thriving ever since.

We are currently under a mammoth lockdown that may extend for months further too. We have seen that part of the crisis has been procuring essentials. Yet, many of us have also understood that the best management of this crisis would be if one does not need to go out for essentials. Apps like Zomato, Swiggy and Dunzo are zealous motorists taking care of these needs. But lifestyles post the lockdown may undergo stupendous change. It might seem an incredulous idea that people would not want to go out after staying locked in their houses for so long. But it is possible that by the time the virus entirely allows us to venture out in public places, we would have adapted to the comforts of staying home. Certainly then, JioMart on WhatsApp would seem like a wonderful idea. 

Apart from the individual users, the scheme will also benefit a number of grocery stores, and greengrocers. The grocers tying up with the JioMart will get broadcasted in their localities and people will choose them over others because they will be one tap away.

JioMart will be an initiative that will help greengrocers who are unable to sell their stock and yet, are the lot who earn their livelihood on a day-to-day basis. Once they collaborate with the JioMart, they will have more customers than usual.

When it is only a matter of picking up and dropping goods, apps like SwiggyGo can come up and help too. Collaborations between JioMart and instant delivery services will be a beneficial one, especially for old people, houses run by single mothers, and those who constantly struggle to get their chores done for any reason. 

JioMart will create employment opportunities for the customer care call centres, the technicians and the support teams in different cities. If they launch a delivery service of their own, many youngsters can come up and join them as motorists. 

The outbreak of COVID-19 is an hour of technological decision-making, an hour of digital transformation. It is critical for us to work through the virtual world because it is the only way to practise social distancing. What better than a JioMart in such circumstances!


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