Money Control Strategic Collaboration with WazirX

Money Control Strategic Collaboration with WazirX

Moneycontrol joins hands with WazirX, which is the Country’s largest Bitcoin & Cryptos Exchange Platform.

Cryptocurrencies in the world have become crypto-mania which has a trillion-dollar industry. It is rapidly gaining prominence from all around the world and investors are showing their preference for digital assets with the globalization and advent of modern technological trends in world markets.

With the motive of strengthening the presence in the crypto world and deeply analyze the activities of digital assets, India’s prominent business & finance platform MoneyControl has given importance to the process of tracking and maintaining the analysis process of transactions. With this objective, Moneycontrol joins hands with WazirX, which is the country’s largest Bitcoin & cryptos exchange platform. It is also backed by the prominent trading platform Binance.

Objectives & Strategies

In the upcoming months, the partnerships will lead the process of product integration and people can see all the tokens on the site of the Moneycontrol website through Wazirx API-powered app. It will assist the users in tracking the crypto with multiple points. As the craze for Cryptocurrencies is going to increase day by day so Moneycontol will create a section namely “CRYPTO CONTROL” which one-stop destination for crypto users for all the news, market trends, and advancements related to cryptocurrencies.

Mitul Sangi COO, Network 18 Media & Investments Limited

By partnering with the world’s largest Crypto platforms we will now create a section "Cryptocontrol which will be the best section for giving all the news, trends, developments, research, forecasts related to cryptos”. It will help the investors in making more advanced decisions about their investments with proper clarity of knowledge about cryptocurrencies Nischal Shetty, Founder Wazirx”

It is our mission to make the cryptos accessible to everyone in India. As crypto will go to the mainstream in India our collaboration with Moneycontrol will be helpful for crypto enthusiasts and potential crypto investors. We were always looking to make a partnership with industry thought leaders like Moneycontrol. It will help in minimizing the misconceptions related to cryptocurrencies.

Bottom Line

The collaboration of Moneycontrol with WArirX is strategic and it will be a boon for Indian Crypto. Wazirx is a prominent crypto exchange platform and after collaboration, the designing of section “Cryptocontrol” is instrumental for the Indian crypto community in making the investments and taking of the decisions related to crypto. Let us see the prospects of the collaboration in coming times.

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