They are 20 years old & Co-Founder of Zenith Vipers Group (group of companies based in India, United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong.

Yashraj and Yuvraj Bhardwaj, twins are from humble background hailing from Delhi. They used to top the school. Like any other ordinary kid, they were interested in Cricket and joined the Cricket club. However, slowly they started fascinated by reading science fiction books.

They own 36 Research Projects and 15 patent applications that he has filed in a team. They are also the recipients of Karmaveer Chakra Award 2016 and have also been named amongst top 10 young entrepreneurs of 2016 across the globe by success magazine. 

They are finalists of SF fellowship worth $250000 and winners of $100000. They are also proud nominee of Padma Shri 2019, one of the highest civilian awards in India. Also, winner of many international and national awards. 

Yashraj resides in Delhi and is very closely connected with the latest in technology and innovation around the world, with very close association with innovation powerhouses like Silicon Valley giants, TED, Venture Firms and Technology Clusters around the world.

He is Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2018.

An insightful interview with a young Entrepreneur, Promoter, Visioner & Innovator, Padma Shri 2018 nominee, Mr. Yashraj Bhardwaj with CLIQTAX:

CT: Many calls you a “Twin Stars”. What is the secret behind this superhit Jodi and how you feel like a shining star?

YB: The secret behind a great team will be playing in expertise and amazing coordination. Like Yuvraj and me, whenever we are doing any meeting/ corporate meetings etc.


We know each other so well, we recognise, read each other well so that we don't even need to have any discussion prior to it. Without that we would know what to speak and what not. 

CT: When did you start this venture and motivated you to start?

YB: We always believed in one thing, that necessity is the most important thing for invention. The financial reasons which forced us to leave cricket that time caused major frustration and led to higher anxiety levels that we just wanted to solve those problems and do something well for ourselves and be independent from the family.

We left cricket due to the financial conditions at home that time and started developing interest in National Geography etc. During 5th class, we started reading second-hand books on Quantum Physics. We were not understanding anything but our curiosity helped us to go to every professor and get clarified. As we couldn't afford to travel, we used to send messages through social media handles, emails, skype and used to clarify from all professors across the world. This nature of drive made us stand different now in the society and market.

During school, we wrote a Research Paper! And during this time, the Science Museum / National Innovation competition announced researchers from 2 categories.

Category A for Ph.D. scholars and Category B for school students. Surprisingly, as kids we were selected for CAT A category and paid a monthly scholarship which became the first income at the age of class 6, and made us independent form family. We started making science projects for other school children and used to make a few hundred rupees through that.

We got a major breakthrough when we made a project called 'pumpkin purifier'. Through this we were using pumpkin to purify the water and extract heavy metals out of it and won a 25 lakhs cash award during 8th Std.

This was the time, one US-based company approached both of us. We were called to Bangalore. The first time we flew in the flight. We were put in the 5-star hotel. That was the time when the presentation of this project happened and we got an offer of '0.5 Million Dollar', license fees from this company for outsourcing this project.

Simultaneously, making so much money at this early age of being a class 7/8 student, the attitude became really flamboyant which wasn't well for survival. Also, upon asking for patent documents related to this pumpkin purifier, we realised that we didn't even know the meaning of the word and also by publishing it nearly to all non-patented literatures we lost the rights of the project and the total deal was called off.

Total dreams were shattered and we left everything for a while. After realising all these bad, and don'ts, and getting much motivation from parents, we both again came on to track to carry on research and developed a project called 'Bajra Purifier', this time using Pearl Millet (Bajra) to purify water and extract heavy metals out of it.

This project became a major hit of the career and post filing own patent at just cost of Rs.9,000, instead of hiring legal representatives and paying them Rs.1,50,000/-, we licensed this project a 'a million dollar' to this Company, and made first big money of the career.

CT: How this journey of entrepreneurship started and reached to Workolab?

YB: Post doing this deal of 'a million dollar', it was a huge money for class 8 students, and also realising the past mistakes we took extra precautions with money and also understood its very importance and value. We both took first office and launched ventures (Zenith Vipers) into Research and development - Developing technology-based solutions for various states, markets and societies.

-Simultaneously to train, embrace and hire researchers on a mass scale, we launched 'Workolab', that was India's first coworking with research facility. The intent was to become a conventional real estate player, rather than to generate Intellectual Properties and outsource/license them to various states, markets and societies to make money.

One more breakthrough was achieved while signing a MOU worth 104 crore Indian Rupees related to research and development from our Dubai based firm Bhardwaj brothers which is named as IDEAX Solutions LLC. 

Today in our company almost 375 researchers are working (students, dropouts, qualified and unqualified but research bent of mind people). We started an IT and Finance business and expanded it globally. It is headquartered in Dubai.

We have offices in Hong Kong, China, Gurgaon, etc. Yuvraj sits in the Dubai office and me hops between Delhi and Hong Kong. This company filed 128 patents. We have patents in various backgrounds. 

CT: Please tell us something about Workolab, what it does, and what is the vision you share with this venture?

 YB: 'Workolab', is India's first coworking with research facility. The intent was to become a conventional real estate player, rather than to generate Intellectual Properties and outsource/license them to various states, markets and societies to make money. 

CT: Where do you see yourself in the upcoming year?

YB: We are working on a dream to make a global brand from being in India. As very well said by our honourable Prime Minister, or our India being, 'Atma-Nirbhar', we are working on a similar goal, to design solutions and solve various problems. 


CT: How do you manage your personal life, studies and work together?

YB: I really love what i do, so rather i would not prefer to have any personal life other than the work i do.  Studies have always been an integral part of our life. I believe that being a researcher you always need to keep yourself updated and always be in the learning mode, so yes out of our schedule on a daily basis we do study during the night for at least 3-4 hours. 

CT: What is the USP of your business & how you do things differently?

YB: The main USP of our business is Intellectual Property Rights. We design various solutions for various states, markets and societies. We mostly work on a model of loss capturing, and balance sheet optimization through technology-based solutions. 

CT: What would you say to your fellow millennials about pursuing their dreams?

YB: One message that i would always say is to always listen to your parents. Most of the time we get texts from students that the parents aren't allowing this and that.

I would always say, your first step of being an entrepreneur starts from home, your parents are your biggest investors and who know you the best way possible.

If you as a co-founder, or as a kid, isn't that convincing to them to allow you to enter into business, then you better don't do it. 

CT: At last, a few words you want to say about our CLIQTAX and your experience about it?

YB: It was great speaking to Nitin Dave Founder of CLIQTAX, and also good to see the level of professionalism which is being carried. I wish you guys all the very best for your future ahead, and hope you keep doing these positive activities to motivate me and fellow start-up entrepreneurs. 

CLIQTAX extends heartiest wishes to Mr. Yashraj and Yuvraj Bhardwaj for their journey as an Entrepreneur & Promoter. Kudos to them for such an amazing interview.


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