Many people really want to come into politics but the energy you need to come into politics, is not everyone's cup of tea.

Ms. Teena Sharma says, “One should have passion to do anything. If you have that passion you can achieve anything and believe in God, he will always be there with you when you need him”.

Ms. Teena Sharma shares her journey as a political woman, and about her balanced work and personal life in an exclusive interview with CLIQTAX:

CT- How did you get the inspiration to join the politics?

TS- I was into social work and used to fight for people's rights. I used to do a lot of public interest litigation. I used to work on RTI.  

During Nirbhaya gang rape in 2012 December, i was on the ground fighting for Nirbhaya. So, of course that's inspired me and it's a much-needed thing that you need very young people coming from good backgrounds and sensible people coming in politics with vision and lot of passion for Indian politics.

So, nothing was in my mind and i joined politics coincidently. I don't have somebody really from my family but my father's first cousin was in politics but there is no inspiration ever come from him and I have seen him from childhood but this nothing that I can derive from that.


It's just come into my mind when I was fighting during Nirbhaya and also when I was fighting for Public Interest Litigation and RTI’s. I realize there are so many things that need improvement in the system and people like this good to be change-makers. I never approached anyone to take me into politics. It's been destined probably.

CT- What are the challenges you faced as a woman in politics?

TS- Politics is male dominating profession absolutely and we are fighting for women reservation as well women reservation bill.  Women Reservation bill has been driven from a lot of women activists in India but  i was part of it and TV channel issues and blogs so they also put me in that the group and  goals of fighting the middle of parliamentarians and asking them to bring the women reservation bill in the parliament so that is main concern of the activist.

Many people really want to come into politics but the energy you need to come into politics, is not everyone's cup of tea. You need to come out of jobs, business as it's a 24*7 work. So, politics needs a lot of energy and understanding, when comes to finding a place in politics.

I wish woman can inspire other women to join politics. Women are also in politics and are also got elected they are settled and well placed. So, they should also bring more people more women thinking to correct political discourse but of late that's not happening and it's little disappointing.

I try and to bring more ladies and bring more women and groom them to become part of my work and i just take few hours every week and every fortnight to be with them and they also feel very nice they also feel they are getting experience from me and understanding politics. So that's how i am contributing but yes there is a lot of improvement you need when it comes to women participation in politics that still dominating by man.


When it becomes disheartened what to do, how to play presence in politics is a 24*7 work and you have to have a passion you should be strong on-ground.

People just come in politics join politics to attend meetings, go home, flash posters but I don't consider such things in politics because you will never find me with posters. 

I have worked very hard for slums also 6 days a week and there was not a single day when I was off to work. So, I think that's what made a better human and a better politician. So that given me a lot of sense of emotions, responsibilities and lot of courage to fight within.

Regarding my presence into politics, people promoted me into politics because they want to see me working and our Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi also want to work for slums, want to adopt slums. So I think vulnerability factor becomes crucial for women female education see on social media.

When you see people work very hard and when they see genuine people coming from good background and working for slums leaving their amazing careers.

So, there is a partial approach in politics and we need to fight it out we need more people like us we need more men to promote women and we need more men to promote us.

CT- How did you get associated with the Assocham India Women Foundation?

TS- Assocham approached me to head their department since i was an activist. Director-General DG of Assocham approached me and I met him and he said that we have women foundation and we need somebody to run this foundation with expertise in the participation of such activities.

I was dealing with war widows welfare and slums and poor women, hygiene, health, education etc. So, I agreed and me and my team worked very hard in that department.

Since i was heading so i worked with all the government and cabinet ministers through that forum and my experience have been very good. My experience becoming the BJP spokesperson is somewhat closer and I mean its quiet satisfactory working with Assocham.

CT- Please tell us something about your PINK & BLUE foundation?

TS- PINK & BLUE has worked over and above 10 years. We were working on a very small-scale. We did not have funds because we were not working for paid arrangements.

PINK stands for girls and BLUE stands for boys. We were working in past 10 years for slums, labourers migrated children for their betterment, we track their admissions, we help them with dropouts at schools.

We don’t let them sit at home over and above a week time and we try and catch them. We also track when they leave schools without informing and move to their villages, they don’t know what is the understanding Govt. schools has because schools throw them after the months’ time. So, we make them aware about it. 

In Delhi, currently we covered about 230 slums till date. And there is less children who are sitting at home. We try to manage and convince the parents of girls who believe that girls will have to get married and education is not necessary for girls. We have WhatsApp group of every areas and by that medium we used to get update about what no. of children are sitting at home.

By these WhatsApp group, we used to encourage people about the relevance of education. We take surveys in a batch of 50 areas randomly and repeatedly for every last 4 to 5 days about the children whether they are going to schools or not. I personally take a lot of effort to convince the parents for sending their children to school. We also take care of the admission of those children.


We do take these children for picnic every month around 10 buses comprising 500 children and if i take 500 children at different places like red fort, jantar-mantar etc. so we build a trust of their parents with us and treat us like a family.

We are also running Veer Nari Foundation of India for welfare and upliftment of war widows. We also do fund raisers events to assist and support war widows. 

CT- How do you manage your personal and political life as you are a married woman?

TS- It was difficult when i started 15 years ago and I have two children and elder one is 16 years old and younger one is 3 years old. This is crucial to manage with family. I used to travel 10 to 15 days a months across the states.

We are trying to establish volunteer. But there is passion of doing such things all at a time. It’s a good balance between the family and my work. Giving time to kids is also challenging but I think God makes the plan and my husband used to take care our children in my absence and being very supportive.

But still there are moments when my children needed me and i was busy in some work then my family look after them that time. I think everything is balanced beautifully all by the grace of GOD.

I really am a believer in God and God have plans and which get settled beautifully. I used to believe that if I am taking care of somebody’s children then someone will definitely look after my children.

CT- What would be your piece of advice to younger generation?

TS- One should have passion to do anything. If you have that passion you can achieve anything and believe in God, he will always be there with you when you need him.

The interaction with Ms. Teena Sharma was a great opportunity for the CLIQTAX Team, and we wish she succeeds all her future goals. We surely need more women leaders like her and we hope she continues to inspire those leaders we wish to have.


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