Ms Priya is a young social entrepreneur, she embarked on her journey towards establishing a community living in society.

Ms. Priya Gupta believes that in order to bring social prosperity, it's extremely necessary to change the mindset of people, hence creating a mass movement in the concerned area is the catalyst.

She is the founder of the Sarvpriye Foundation. An NGO that promotes women entrepreneurship & sustainability across India. She believes that in order to bring social prosperity, it is extremely necessary to change the mindset of people, hence creating a mass movement in the concerned areas is the catalyst.

Also an inspiring speaker, Priya regularly addresses forums to reconstruct cognition with the help of conflict transformation and psychodynamic techniques. Being a regular speaker on leadership, innovation, and social entrepreneurship, she motivates the youth to take actions and implement them early in their life marching towards becoming the future of incredible India.

Ms. Priya Gupta – Founder of Sarvpriye Foundation shares her thoughts, challenges & her journey so far in an exclusive interview with CLIQTAX: 

CT: Tell us something about yourself, your experiences, and your journey so far?

PG: I did my Post-Graduation from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University. I did a diploma in German from St Stephen’s College and a diploma in corporate communications from Jesus and Mary College.

I have always done the hit and trial method in my life before jumping into any kind of course. I have started working with Urban Clap, Food Panda, Uber, KPMG. I then joined as Project Manager in IIT Delhi to promote entrepreneurship in Northern India. I would say this has led me to go ahead with more and more social services.

Currently, I am running an NGO known as Sarvpriye Foundation which is to eradicate domestically exploited women from society. I would like to elaborate on how I came to this platform.

Years ago, I have had surgery on my spinal cord, the consequence of which is I had to stay in bed for some months. It was that moment where I realized that I should do something which I have always wished to do since childhood.

I wanted to promote education in domestic violence which, unfortunately, I had also faced somewhere in my life. I started Sarvpriye Foundation in the year 2018, when I initiated the same I did not have enough resources.

Later on, people joined me voluntarily knowing it is a good cause. Right now, we have segregated our research which people can see it on our website as well. In addition to this, I am also preparing for Indian Foreign Services.

CT: What inspired you to find an NGO rather than a Business or a School?

PG: I believe that in India, women need to be financially independent to break the barriers. Sarvpriye Foundation is basically working on it. Those realizations and personal experiences, which I had during my surgery have made me focus on what I really want in my life.


CT: What was the most challenging problem you faced in the leadership and management of your NGO?

PG: I would like to highlight two challenging faces which we face on a day to day basis. The first one is political pressure when you are working on grounds and the Government is having great policies but these are not implemented well.

I worked with NHA, there I go as a person who mentors Sarpanch, lets take an example of Ludhiana. What I have seen there is that they are lowering the number of statistics in relation to the education of girls etc. The whole structure is very inefficient.

The second challenge which I have faced is the misconception of people treating social activities like the one that people do voluntarily and they do not get any financial comfort. The youths are working in NGOs so that they could get a certificate and put it in their CVs. I can clearly say that they are not much passionate about the cause.

CT: What are some of the long-term objectives you would like to see completed?

PG: As I have already told that when we started this organization, we did a lot of campaigns in different parts of India like Delhi, Rajasthan, and a couple of states as well. From there, we analyzed to feel things and came up with projects for eg, a platform that promotes women artisans of India and those who are into handicrafts.

We then realized that they are way better than urban laborers who know to invent but they do not know how to market it. The long term prospect from this year is related to this only, basically, the patriarchy platform which is the platform for independent women entrepreneurs.

It has always been my aim for building an organization for old age homes and for the children who do not have parents.

CT: What can you say is your best reward for choosing to found your NGO?

PG: “SMILE” During this Covid pandemic we have raised funds from Delhi with which we gave necessary food items to the family and given accommodations to the needy ones as well. So when you hear appraises like these, this is something which gives you happiness from the heart.

This is the reason which made me realize that I am meant for this job and would want to serve for my whole life.

CT: What is the Sarvpriye Foundation’s true mission?

PG: The true mission is to bring more women entrepreneurs and sustainability because it’s the need of the hour, we are in 2020 and I truly feel that we need to contribute something towards Sustainability Development Goals. We are aiming to reach women entrepreneurship and sustainability as a whole.

CT: What advice would you like to give to the younger generation?

PG: “Ignorance is the skill”, In this information age the youth should know what to ignore and what to keep or what to get benefit from. If we take a recent example, where a person has exposed a video of random old age couples who is working in Dhaba and is in a difficult position financially.

Now, the social Medias helped them in such a way which is truly commendable. The conclusion point is youth should know what to keep and what to ignore.

CT: What are some of the new ideas you would implement in this position?

PG: Basically, the idea is social entrepreneurship and we are innovating ourselves on day to day basis. But one thing I would like to submerge is “Technicalities in social entrepreneurship”. If you do the research about what is going to happen in 2050 and since Artificial Intelligence is the future, I would like to submerge these two.

CT: Is there any achievement or contribution that you are most proud of?

PG: I am happy to reach in such a position that I am now eligible for being interviewed. Whenever I feel I am proud of something then you will surely watch me doing something big down the lane. Until that, I would say I have done nothing to be proud of.

CT: What makes this organization different from similar organizations?

PG: I would say the one thing which makes us different from others is we don’t compete with others. We feel that every individual, organizations have different background and experiences.

Nevertheless, we would have people working for organizations with the same passion, but the “Values” makes difference. So, we believe in growing further by checking on our past performance and acting upon them.

CT: At last, a few words you want to say about CLIQTAX and your experience with it?

PG: I think it is outstanding tasks which you people do by covering the stories of people working at ground level which is really appreciable. I truly believe this is how we will spread words of wisdom and knowledge.

Thank you for the opportunity!

CLIQTAX extends heartiest wishes to MS PRIYA GUPTA for her journey as a Founder of the Sarvpriye Foundation and many more achievements of her life. Kudos to her for such an amazing interview.

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