In 2016, she won the Brazil and Russia Open Grand Prix title in the mixed doubles event partnered with Pranaav Chopra.

In an exclusive interview with CLIQTAX, current national champion, Ms. Sikki Reddy, the Hyderabad girl spoke about her badminton career and comeback and much more. 

CT: How did you get started in playing badminton?

SR:  I Started at a summer camp in Hyderabad and there was a tournament and I participated and won the same. Coaches presented there recognised my talent and told my parents to send me ahead for practice and she can have a good bright future in badminton. So yeah, I started practicing badminton.

CT: When did you started playing badminton and who is your favourite badminton player of all time?

SR:  I started playing badminton in 2003 in summer camp and my favourite badminton player is ZHAO YUNLEI, she is a Chinese player and a gold medallist Olympic champion.

She used to play Women double and Mix Double events and also she won gold medals in both these events.


CT: How had your family supported you and how was their reaction when you joined badminton?

SR:  My family love sports and also my father is also a sport lover. They supported me at all levels whether it was my practice or any other sports. I also used to play a lot of different types of sports. They never said to me like you must score 90% in academics, they were like at least get a degree because it’s must even for a sportsperson. So my family is very supportive.

CT: Where and from whom you draw your inspiration?

SR: My family is my source of inspiration especially my parents and my brother. They always supported me a lot whenever I got demotivated. They support my decisions as well as my thoughts. 

"Also my coach Mr. Pullela Gopichand always motivated me to be a better person and inspired me a lot. I think today whatever I am it is because of them."

CT: What is your first big moment that you still remember in badminton court?

SR:  I think it’s when I won my youth commonwealth games medal. I played final against Ms. Saina Nehwal (singles). Then I won doubles gold medal. I gave a tough fight against Ms. Saina Nehwal. I think it was my first big moment.

CT: What you would be if you are not a badminton player?

SR:  I never thought about it but maybe I would have been a lawyer if not the badminton player.

CT: What training schedule do you follow?

SR: We have court session as well as physical session. Some days are like 3 sessions and some days are like 2 sessions per day. Wednesdays are evening off and Sundays are full off days for recovery.

CT: How do you balance your personal as well as professional life?

SR: Currently, I am totally into the practice of my badminton and actually I don’t have to take care of any other thing because my family is really very supportive.

CT: Can you throw some light on your international comeback?

SR:  I got my knee injured so I was like unable to play badminton for a year. Then again I got injured. So that was the time when I used to play singles but my coach advised to me to play for doubles due to my right knee injury.

Because doubles prize money was not that better as compared to singles in our country but I always tried to be on No.1 in doubles also. But if you compare 2011 with 2020 then I would say doubles are getting same recognition as singles.

CT: What do you think beginners should learn first in badminton?

SR: I think not only badminton but whatever the sports it is; every beginner should enjoy playing such things. It happens sometimes the sports career is the dream of some parents so they compel their kids to go ahead in such field.  So I would advise that one should follow his/her dream and make efforts to make dream come true. 

CT: What are your career highlights and future ahead?

SR:  I think my upcoming goal is going for Olympics as of now but due to this COVID 19 pandemic I think our states are not going to resume the sports for 3 to 4 months.

CT: What will be the piece of advice you would like to give to younger generation or of the same age apart from being a sportsperson who are willing to pursue their dreams?

SR:  My piece of advice that I would like to give to younger generation that every person should learn to manage their time. I also used to manage my studies, sports, practice and traveling because I manage my time in a systematic manner. So, time management is very important to achieve anything in life.

CLIQTAX extends heartiest wishes to Ms. Sikki Reddy for her journey as a sports player and wishes her Goodluck for her future. Kudos to her for such an amazing interview.


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