Tarot card reading seems mystifying; you probably think of astrologers or palm when the concept of tarot cards pops into mind.

While the cards are usually associated with being able to tell the future, they actually can be used as a way to understand possible outcomes within one’s life.

Ms. Anahita- The Tarot Reader uses the Tarot for empowerment and creativity through her Tarot readings. She also talks about the journey of learning to read Tarot and becoming a professional Tarot reader in an exclusive interview with CLIQTAX

Q- Tell us about yourself and what are your hobbies and interests?

A- Apart from tarot reading I love to know about people, about their feelings, lifestyle. I love to watch movies. I am also a teacher by profession and currently I used to take lectures thrice a week at one of the MBA colleges in Punjabi Bagh as guest faculty.

Q-How did you get inspired for being a professional tarot reader?

A- I think I have some kind of intuition with all these numerology and tarot reading somewhere in my mind. So, I used to be very passionate about knowing all these things. In 2014, one fine day I met a person for tarot reading who is also my guru then I decided to take one step ahead for starting to learn all these tarot reading things.

Q- What are the challenges you have faced initially and how you overcome them?

A- Initially I have faced a lot of challenges like why will people come to me for this cause that’s why I started to focus on the precision of my predictions. I have to make myself aware of all these things so for that intuition I enhanced meditation.

I spend a lot of money on advertisements also so that people come to know about me as much as possible. Initially when I predicted about some people and when it became true, they also referred me to their family and friends. On the other side I also get confidence like- YES! I can do this and I can predict about people and can help them.


Slowly and steadily and then gradually I used to get clients basically through word of mouth publicity. In 2017, I decided to open my office because now I get the confidence so I believe that now I can manage my office. But still I used to do advertisement; I used to go to different exhibitions on regular intervals like- in Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.

Many times it happend like my whole money on advertisement was lost but still I thought that no problem at least people will know my name. Sometimes it was like whatever the amount of money I spend same used to get recovered and hence no profits no loss. Last but not least the stage of absolute profit came.

I did around 3 to 4 sessions at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium and there so many get to know about me and they are now my followers.

Actually what happens is this tarot reading actually attracts the younger generation because astrology for them is very complex to understand. Tarot reading gives instant answers regarding predictions and young people don’t have that patience they just want everything as quickly as possible.

I take both telephonic sessions as well as personal sessions as per client convenience after taking a prior appointment.

Q- What advice would you give to people who are also trying to come in tarot reading?

A-  I would not say that Tarot reading is something which is very difficult to learn but unless and until if you don’t have such intuition in yourself then it will be hard to pursue. Intuition power can be strengthened through meditation. Tarot reading is more about explanation like how would you convey the meaning of any of the cards as per your client’s question.

CLIQTAX extends heartiest wishes to Ms Anahita for her journey as a mentor and tarot reader. Kudos to her for such an amazing interview.


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