Mr. Surya Prakash Mohapatra has over 20+ years of experience in leadership roles and in several leading IT and ITES organizations.

Mr. Surya Prakash Mohapatra speaks regularly in various National and International forums on topics related to human resources, Learning and Development, Corporate Culture, and spirituality.

He has extensive experience in setting up and running learning and development functions for organizations in India and International locations. He set up the global training function for Wipro BPO which spanned across 10 locations in Brazil, Mexico, Romania, Poland, China, and India.

When its about the Limelight,most of us are prone to hog it at the cost of many deserving others,left languishing in the dark, surya prakash mohapatra is one of those unique individuals who believes otherwise and it is the unique quality that set him apart from the crowd. He has led leadership development,capability building and talent management efforts in various organizations.

Mr. Surya Prakash Mohapatra- Global Head- Talent Transformation And Learning And Development at Wipro Digital Operations talks about his Achievements, his challenges, his journey so far in an exclusive Interview with CLIQTAX:

CT:  How the journey of your profession started and your journey as a Global Head - Talent Transformation at WIPRO DOP?

SM: I started my professional journey over 22 years ago. In the early years of my professional career, I dabbled in sales, marketing, channel partner management, operations management, etc. before finding my passion for learning and development. My first foray into L&D was in 2000 when I joined an organization called FIRSTRING as a Training Manager. Thereafter, I never looked back. I have spent 20 years already in various learning and development roles in organizations like HPE, HPI, and Wipro.  Currently, I am performing my duties as the Global Head- Talent Transformation for Wipro DOP.

CT:  What support do you feel would be necessary for a leader to be successful? 

SM: A leader needs the support and trust of his team, stakeholders, partners, and customers. However, support and trust don't come to the leader on a platter. She has to earn it from others by demonstrating that she cares for them and she is committed to creating value for them. 

CT:  Being a leader of a global function what types of decisions are the most difficult for you to make? 

SM: As a Global Leader, often I do have to take difficult decisions. A decision becomes difficult when the outcome of the decision is not known. It is easy to take a decision when the outcome is certain and straightforward. In today's VUCA world, we frequently face situations when we have to take decisions at great speed at the same time basis very limited information. And these decisions may have far-reaching consequences.   

CT:  What are the most important traits to look for when hiring a new employee?

SM: The important traits to look for while hiring a new employee would be the following:

  • Is she a problem solver?
  • Is she flexible and adaptable?
  • Is she agile and willing to experiment?
  • Is she open to learning?
  • Does she have empathy?
  • Is she strong in her domain?
CT:  Describe the toughest decision you have ever had to make at work?

SM: In one of my previous organizations, I was given the responsibility of restructuring and rightsizing the training function to make it more agile. This was a tough call since the decision impacted people. While I restructured the function, at the same time I made sure that people who got impacted got redeployed. 

CT: What one thing makes you most proud?

SM: In 2015, I addressed the HRTech World Congress in Paris. The auditorium was filled with HR leaders from across the globe. This clearly demonstrated the increasing respect of global industry leaders for leaders from India. It was a proud moment for me as an Indian especially since I was representing my country in the Global Summit. 

CT:  How do you align your organization with your vision and mission?

SM: This alignment is important. First of all, I try to understand the strategy and vision of the organization. My regular interaction with senior leaders in the organization helps me understand strategic priorities. I build the strategic plan and roadmap of my function accordingly. I take regular feedback from key stakeholders on how we are progressing with the roadmap.

CT: How was your experience in setting up and running learning and development functions for organizations in India and international locations?

SM: This experience has always been very challenging yet exciting at the same time. When it comes to international locations, each country or geography is unique and different. That makes it challenging. Learning through this experience and overcoming hurdles to reach your goal makes it exciting.

CT: What has been the greatest challenge you have faced during your volunteer efforts? How did you overcome such a challenge?

SM: The biggest challenge faced during my volunteering efforts was to mobilize support from like-minded people. In volunteering efforts, people don’t report to you in a formal structure. The only way you can get their support and commitment is through your influencing skills. 

CT:   Any messages to readers?

SM: COVID-19 poses an unprecedented threat to mankind. As this crisis becomes more and more lethal and as mankind helplessly waits for the crisis to pass over, up ahead behind the clouds of uncertainty, three roads hazily appear. The first road can be termed 'road to perish'. The second one can be termed 'road to survive'. The third one can be termed 'road to thriving'. The only ones that would take the 'road to thrive' are the ones who can reinvent and reimagine themselves.

CLIQTAX extends heartiest wishes to Mr. Surya Prakash Mohapatra for his journey as Global Head- Talent Transformation and Learning and Development at Wipro Digital Operations and Platform. Kudos to him for such an amazing interview.

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