Mr. Prajval Somani is a mechanical engineer from IIT Bombay & a qualified MBA from the prestigious IIM Ahmedabad.

He comes from a family that lays a high emphasis on education. He is a multitasker also has achieved a lot in his career with rigorous hard work and determination.

Focusing on goals he landed into his dream college - IIT Bombay – and pursued mechanical engineering for the post-graduation he pursued MBA from the prestigious IIM Ahmedabad.

Mr. Prajval Somani- senior associate at BCG talks about his achievements, his challenges, his journey from IIT to IIM & about industries so far in an exclusive interview with CLIQTAX:

CT: Tell us something about your background & from where have you got the education?

PS: I come from a family that lays a high emphasis on education. From a very early age, my father introduced me to the importance of learning and the growth environment in Tier-1 colleges.

This served as a motivation for me and made me work towards this goal. Through perseverance and determination, I landed into my dream college - IIT Bombay - and pursued Mechanical Engineering.

Post-graduation I joined EXL, a data analytics firm where I worked for a year. Though working with data was very intriguing, I was oblivious to the strategic aspects of the business.

This led me to pursue my MBA from the prestigious IIM Ahmedabad. At present, I am working as a Senior Associate with the Boston Consulting Group

CT: Why do companies need consultants?

PS: They bring best practices across industries to the table 

Consultants have the rare advantage of working with multiple clients. This helps them to bring a fresh perspective - a sort of cross-pollination across the industries

They are good at zeroing down to actual problems

Consultants bring a huge analytical horsepower with them and are good at structurally breaking down the problems

Consultants work as outside power

There is always resistance to change within an organization at different levels. Consultants become the outside force to break down this resistance.

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He is a qualified Company Secretary and a Commerce Graduate from Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce, Pune.



CT: What makes Boston Consulting Group different from other companies?

PS: BCG provides an environment for consultants to thrive. It is a very open and collaborative firm that has broken down the hierarchical barriers between seniors and juniors. It provides enough space for people to learn from peers as well as the freedom to work in their manner and hence promotes individuality. 


CT: How did you choose the industry or specialty that you are currently in?

PS: Consulting prepares you for anything and everything. You are surrounded by intellectually strong people including top-level executives. Working with them also helps in developing a lot of soft skills. The other bigger advantage of working with senior executives is you are working on the toughest of problems, creating a huge impact. 

Consulting firms also invest a lot in employee training. Feedback cycles are extremely short and you get feedback on weekly basis. All these aspects help you progress in your career very quickly. And not to forget, traveling to new places was a big bonus for me.

CT: What do you think are the key things done right in the past that got them to this level of success?” 

PS: Perseverance – small efforts done continuously always add up. No matter the outcomes, focusing on the process helps you improve immensely.

Networking – Getting connected with the right people takes you a long way. Also, don’t shy from asking for help. You never know what the other person might end up doing for you.

Learning from mistakes and success – Introspect frequently. Looking at what works for you and what does not sets you up on the success ladder. 

CT: How does being an IIT student help in an IIM interview?

PS: Being an IIT student is a double-edged sword in an IIM interview. On one hand, interviewers already have an image of a smart, hard-working individual about you. So creating that first impression becomes easier.

But the flip side to that is they would expect you to know your basics perfectly and has to live up to their expectations. Also, convincing interviewers about choosing to move to a management school after studying in a premier engineering institute is difficult. 

CT: Please throw some light on your achievements and other milestones?

PS: Academic – I scored 100 percentile in DILR in CAT 2017 with an overall 99.98 percentile. While working at EXL, I completed CFA level 1. During my stint at IIMA, I was awarded a Pre-placement offer from BCG while I also received pre-placement Interviews from P&G and L&T

Non-Academic – I have been tasked with the responsibility of leading Hockey teams at both IIT Bombay and IIM Ahmedabad. Our team emerged winners in both the inter IIM sports tournament I was a part of.

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She has specialization in company law compliances, LODR compliances, secretarial audits for public and government companies.



CT: What is the best way to expand your professional network?

PS: Showing genuine interest in others' work is the best possible way to engage with people. Whether it is on Linkedin or in your own company, understanding what projects others are working on and learning more about them always works. Once you connect with a person, being in regular touch keeps that bond intact.

CT: What are the top challenges that are acting as a barrier to success?

PS: Comparing your success with others – Everyone has their skills, purpose and upbringing. So, comparing our goals with theirs restricts us from giving 100%. Instead, it is always helpful to understand other’s strengths and how they have acquired those skills. The focus should always be process-oriented rather than result-oriented. 

Giving up too early – Failure and success are part of life. They are bound to happen. So giving up just because you didn’t succeed the first time is not the correct way of looking at things.

Rather, whatever goals you are trying to achieve should be backed by some purpose, which will always keep you motivated even after initial setbacks. Learning from those mistakes and implementing those improvements is the best attitude.

CT: What message you would like to convey to the young ones?

PS: Build good habits when you are young, focus on developing your skill set and learn to enjoy the process rather than setting goals. It will give compounding results when you enter the corporate world. 

CT: How was your experience with CLIQTAX?

PS: I liked how professional the CLIQTAX platform is & I would like to thank Ms. Varsha for giving me this opportunity to reach out to so many people and convey my story. 

*Disclaimer: Kindly note that in this interview Mr. Prajval Somani has shared his personal views and not coming from BCG, IIM or IIT.

CLIQTAX extends the heartiest wishes to MR. PRAJVAL SOMANI for his journey as a Senior Associate at Boston Consulting Group. Kudos to him for such an amazing interview.


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