He is a qualified Company Secretary and a Commerce Graduate from Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce, Pune.


CS Gaurav Pingle has advised on the business set-up in India, core Company Law matters from day to day compliance to advisory, transaction advisory, Foreign Exchange Management Laws, SEBI Listing Regulations.

Prior to start working as Faculty at ILS College, He has 11+ years of practice and industry experience, advising on the business set-up in India, core Company Law matters from day-to-day compliance to advisory, transaction advisory, Foreign Exchange Management Laws, SEBI Listing Regulations, Securities laws for domestic, multinational and listed companies.

He has authored 3 books on Corporate Laws and 200+ articles on the current case laws, latest happening in Corporate Laws which are published in leading professionals and journals. He has taught the subject of Corporate Laws to CA, CS, and Law students.

This multitalented person has also been invited to participate and address many conferences, seminars and workshops, study circle meetings, and training workshops conducted by ICSI, ICAI, Commerce Colleges, Management Colleges, and Law Colleges.

He conducts internal training programs and workshops for companies, Law firms, CA firms & CS firms on topics relating to Corporate Laws and Corporate Governance.

CS Gaurav Pingle, Visiting Faculty at ILS College talks about his inspiration, his challenges, his journey so far in an exclusive interview with CLIQTAX:

CT:  Please tell us something about yourself, your experience, your journey as a Company Secretary?

GP:  I completed the CS Course a few months after completing commerce graduation. I worked with a CS firm and CA firm. I also worked as a faculty for Company Law and Securities Law at a private coaching institute.

Research being my area of interest, it also led me to work as an Assistant Editor for a Pune-based company in setting-up a corporate law portal for real-time reporting on a subscription basis.

Simultaneously, I also assisted Dr. KR Chandratre (Past President, ICSI) in reviewing, editing, and proposing some content of his 8 – 10 book publications.

All this experience has helped me in teaching students, conducting training programs for members, writing research-based articles/papers, writing, and publishing my books on corporate laws.

Presently, I am Practicing Company Secretary for the last 4 years with a team of company secretaries and advocates.

CT:  What inspired you to choose this profession?

GP:  I always wanted to do an interesting course having practical relevance along with commerce graduation. Career Awareness Program organized by ICSI at BMCC, Pune was helpful in understanding the course, its prospects, and its scope.

Also, as a part of extra-curricular activities, BMCC conducted sessions on the stock market, dematerialization, fundraising, mergers and amalgamations, taxation, etc. In all these sessions, I observed that CS has an important role to play and I decided to pursue the CS Course.

I also registered with NIFM as a student and appeared for a few exams relating to investing, securities market, mutual funds, compliance functions, etc.

CT:  How do you distinguish yourself from competitors?

GP:  I don’t consider any professional as a competition. I learn from all professionals – seniors, juniors, and colleagues. Personally, I focus on research-based activities – reading judgments, research papers, and commentaries.

This helps me in consultation, advisory, compliances, drafting legal opinions, delivering lectures and writing books/articles.

CT:  If you had one piece of advice to people who are starting out, what would it be?

GP:  We as a professional have to understand the needs and requirement of the society, business, and entrepreneurs. We also need to have an entrepreneurial mindset.

This will help us in seizing opportunities. When the world is changing 360 degrees, the important aspects for professionals are good interpersonal skills, drafting skills, and communication skills.

CT:  Tell us something about your role as a faculty at ILS Law College?

GP:  I am visiting faculty at ILS Law College, Pune for the last 4 years for Company Law and Investment and Securities Laws. The lectures (in-person) are quite interesting. Quite a few students have an inclination towards corporate laws.

They have read, researched, and published papers or participated in moot court competitions. So, the teaching at ILS Law College starts at a different level. I ensure that the practical relevance of the subject is introduced in the classroom discussion.

I try to help them with recent news, statistics, judgments, and principles laid down by the Courts. The feeling is very great that many of my students are still in touch today.

CT:  What is the importance of newspaper in the career of Company Secretary?

GP:  Newspapers are a very important source of information for all corporate law professionals. Every professional/student should invest some dedicated time for the same.

As a CS / Law student, you can co-relate almost every topic/sub-topic with practical relevant newspaper information. I invest around 30-40 minutes in reading important news on the latest happenings.

Reading newspapers broadens our perspective and help us understand diverse opinions. In recent times, I have been contributing to the news published by Business Standard and Economic Times.

CT:  What part of the duties and responsibilities for the corporate secretary position appeal to you the most?

GP:  Guiding entrepreneurs, businessmen in assisting them to set-up or restructure businesses, analyzing complex provisions of applicable laws, and guiding the management to be in compliance while at the same time adding value to their business models.

Company Secretary also helps in transactions on FEMA, SEBI, and other applicable laws.

CT: What do you think your biggest challenge will be in this position?

GP:  The biggest challenge is helping entrepreneurs understand the complexity of the law and a continuous amendment to the law. However, we as professionals should try to convert such challenges into opportunities.

CT:  What does success in this position look like for you?

GP:  Success is a very relative term. Success or failure are just 2 ways in which we learn new things. So, I keep setting and pursuing my goals and be happy.

CT: What message you would like to convey to the young ones?

GP:  Young corporate law professionals should inculcate a habit of reading judgments, research papers, bare acts. Reference books and Commentaries are equally important.

Continuous learning and focus are very important. Networking is important for professionals in practice or employment. While searching for jobs, young professionals shall strike a balance of work profile, personal health, location, salary, reading time, and learning opportunities.

CT: At last, a few words you say about CLIQTAX and your experience about it?

GP:  CLIQTAX is a very interesting concept; the website has inspiring success stories of Sportspersons, Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and Industrialists.

The content on the CLIQTAX website is impressive. It is a very informative platform. It will help professionals develop a strong network. Thank you Team CLIQTAX for making me part of your journey.

CLIQTAX extends heartiest wishes to CS Gaurav Pingle for his journey as a mentor and entrepreneur. Kudos to him for such an amazing interview.

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