A Past Central Council Member of ICSI, Past Vice President of Consumer Electronics & Appliances Manufacturers Association.

Positivity and struggle are two companions, when followed, success is always guaranteed because every struggle with time and perseverance reaches its goals.

CS RAJIV BAJAJ, Chief Executive Officer of Bajaj & Bajaj Corporate Chambers, has stood upto this statement and became a successful qualified professional and leader shares his insight related to his journey and success story in an exclusive interview with CLIQTAX:

CT: When your journey as a Company Secretary started and how was your experience when you got associated with this profession?

RB: My Journey as Company Secretary started at Chandigarh. I come from a humble background and steered my way through Self-study & determination. I joined this course motivated by Elder Brother of a close Friend who was Company Secretary of a Leading Listed Company.

I qualified in 1992 and at that time there were less than 9 thousand Company Secretaries in India. I got that early mover advantage. At that time Stock Market was at Peak and Primary market Issues were coming in Large numbers. I handled Public Issues for few Corporates and then took a Plunge in Merchant Banking.

I was very successful in the field of Merchant Banking and successfully handled many new Ventures and help them raise Finance. I tasted success at the very initial stages of my career and was proud Company Secretary. I was very Active in my Contribution back to the Profession and was elected as the youngest Secretary of the Chandigarh Chapter in 1994 itself. From there my Journey as an Elected representative at ICSI started.

CT: You were appointed as Panasonic Company Secretary and later on appointed as Associate Director-Company Secretary & CFO at Panasonic AVC networks India Co. Limited. How was your experience?

RB: When I joined Panasonic in 1998, I was designated as only Company Secretary. It was a mixed Board of an Indian Chairman & Japanese MD. I had to win the Confidence of both. Within three months of my joining I was given the role of Manager-Finance and was given the responsibility of Handling Banking & Finance.

Then came Taxation and Position of CFO. The Profile kept on Expanding and the entire Commercial function Including Legal, HR & IT was overseen for more than 2 decades. This Gave me confidence to lead a large team and varied Functions.

CT: What traits do you value most in yourself and your team?

RB: I always gave my team room to perform. I did Micro Management only for some time & then allowed them to perform and made them leaders in their own rights.

I groomed & trusted them & never gave them any complex on their inabilities. Many team members lacked the basic Communication, team building & leadership skills. Always worked towards their improvement & provided them with scalability and growth.

CT: Please mention some of the achievements or contributions that you are most proud of?

RB: When I look back my Career graph, I have two pronged Achievements and Contributions.

a)  As a working Professional:

I made a humble beginning as a Finance Executive even before I qualified as a Company Secretary in 1988. From there I rose to the Position of Sr. Associate Director & Company Secretary in a span of 30 years. I was selected by Panasonic for their CFO development programme in 2009 and I stood out amongst my other 5 fellow CFO’s from across the World.

The CFO of Panasonic Corporation made me the Global adviser for two consecutive years to the Global CFO development programme of Panasonic. That provided me Global vision & it was indeed a turning point for my Confidence as a professional. I trained many Finance professionals across the Globe and was designated the Dando shi means Lead trainer.

b)  As an Institute of Company Secretary Leader: 

Having qualified in 1992 I was elected secretary of the Chandigarh Chapter in 1994. Was again elected to Managing Committee in 1996 for three years. Then My work made me move to Noida in 1998. I was Elected Secretary of Noida Chapter in 2002. Then elected as Chairman of Noida Chapter of ICSI three times between 2004 -2010.

I was Elected as Chairman of NIRC of ICSI (North India) in 2012. I was again Elected to the Central Council of ICSI for four years from 2015-2018. I also served as Vice Chairman of Secretarial Standards Board in 2019-20. I was involved with Consumer Electronics & Appliances Manufacturers Association of India from 2005 till 2020 and served as Secretary & Vice President.

CT: As compliances and regulations are increasing, reforms have been made, how as a professional do you see them?

RB: The progress of any economy depends on the Compliance landscape & implementation of regulations. The reforms are inevitable to make sure that Indian businesses can compete with the World.

If we have to become truly global economy & Atmanirbhar Bharat we must go all out to make Indian Manufacturing at par with the Global standards. All three Compliance, Regulations & reforms are pillars of a solid economy.

CT: How professionals are helping the businesses/start-ups in this compliance era?

RB: The professional’s role is very important in the growth of the Economy. They can guide businesses & start-ups in the compliance & governance. They can show them the way to do business & can act as their coach.

As professionals are trained to be leaders, they have the required skill to create more leaders & entrepreneurs in the country. They can ensure that compliance is implemented in all these organisations in toto & foundation is laid for business development.

CT: What suggestions do you want to give the start-ups, which are not so aware of the compliance's which have become the need of the hour, to do business transparently as the government has increased accountability?

RB: The Start-ups must first understand the importance of Compliance. They should appreciate the fact that if the Companies sales is down still it can survive. If Profitability is down still it can tide over that crises.

But if the Compliance has an issue then it will come down crashing. The start-ups must take professional help to ensure perfect Compliance and also do business in a transparent manner to ensure that proper accountability is maintained.

CT: What are the new areas which you suggest that your profession can contribute to a better manner?

RB: There are many areas where the Professionals can help the Business houses to come upto the expectations of the stakeholders. Various quality certifications, Compliance audits, Control systems & processes, Business Planning, Mapping and monitoring. Defining of the business objectives & controlling them through proper monitoring.

Governance framework for the Business & helping them manage their company in the best possible way. We also add value to their end to end compliance management.

CT: What do you want to say about the aspiring professionals who are currently at student stage?

RB: The aspiring professionals who are at the student stage should take up their profession as a challenge. Hard work & perseverance are the basic ingredients for success. Always take your profession as pious and do your work with integrity and accuracy. You have to make the brand ICSI feel proud of you. 

CT: What are your thoughts about the recent COVID 19 situations, how the role of professionals has been evolved in these tough times?

RB: The recent Covid 19 situation is both the challenge and the opportunity. The businesses are facing challenging time and professionals can help them tide over these challenging times.

There is a constant need to reduce the Cost & make the business operations more agile & strong. Cash flow management & fund management is the Key.

Govt of India has also come out with many schemes to help MSME and small businesses. Professionals can guide the businessmen on these schemes to make them aware and educate on the strategies to tide over critical times.

CT: At last, a few words you want to say about our CLIQTAX and your experience about it?

RB: I am indeed impressed by the Vision & content of the CLIQTAX. I found it very informative & enriching Platform inspiring the Professionals from all walks of Life. This will surely bring strong network of like-minded entrepreneurs and share their zeal with others. Thank you Team CLIQTAX for making me part of your journey.

CLIQTAX extends heartiest wishes to CS RAJIV BAJAJ for his journey as a mentor, leader and corporate consultant. Kudos to him for such an amazing interview.


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