Inspiring story of a middle-class Indian guy called Mr. Prafull Billore, who wanted to pursue an MBA but turned up into tea seller

So, what is happening we are not selling chai through this but we are selling networking we are selling friendship, we are selling emotion and we are selling inspiration to people. However, thing that we did what was different from others, says Prafull Billore.

Mr. Prafull Billore, today people know him as “MBA Chaiwala” shares his journey of starting this venture and challenges faced during this journey in an exclusive interview with CLIQTAX:

CT: How did you get the idea of this concept MBA Chaiwala?

PB: I have started this in early days of 2017 & it is not like that idea happened or it just came into my mind directly it was totally unexpected. I didn't expect about it because i was studying for the preparation of CAT and GMAT exams and while doing such preparation and while studying for those exams i used to feel like that getting trapped in the books.


So, i started to work in McDonald and while working i used to think that i should start my own venture. So here comes the idea to start with chai (tea) and then this MBA Chaiwala.

CT: What do you think about the uniqueness and innovative idea of this MBA Chaiwala and what is your further vision ahead?

PB: Here is nothing like that is selling chai is so amazing like you cannot sell chai with drones, chai is very common and very available in every knocking corner of India.

You know through this MBA Chaiwala we are giving different varieties of Chai and our serving is very different, communication behind the networking part is also very unique.

So, what is happening we are not selling chai through this but we are selling networking we are selling friendship, we are selling emotion and we are selling inspiration to people.

However, thing that we did what was different from others.

CT: When you have started this idea? what was the response from the people basically I should say that from Chai Lovers and how did you feel that?

PB: To be honest, we started to sell chai in a very unique way. We used kulhad, tissue paper, tray and toast and nobody used to sell chai in this way in Ahmedabad roadside.

Chai Lovers used to come with curiosity for having a communication over cup of chai. So, people like it, observed it and loved it.

CT: What are the challenges you have faced while starting this venture MBA Chaiwala?

PB: First of all starting this chai selling concept was the first challenge I faced because being from a very reputed family and going to start a “thela” of Chai on road side that was very difficult for me and i have never done anything like this before.

Afterwards Second challenge was getting threatened from roadside goons, policemen and municipal corporations and third challenge that i have faced was from relatives like taunting about what you are doing like? You are selling tea roadside.


Sometimes it was like as i was doing something wrong or committing any crime and all this used to be in my mind.

CT: How do you overcome such personal relatives’ challenges?

PB: One thing i always believed in is if someone is not contributing for making any positivity for you then that person has no right to talk against you. I kept this thing in mind and give priority to my work always.

CT: Is your start-up bootstrap or funded?

PB: I started this with my own and didn't take a single penny from anyone. 

CT: What are your future expansion plan?

PB: We do chai counters on wedding we do social events, corporate events. We want to serve chai to every corporate person to every Indian and there is no such idea of making this company a million-dollar company we are not money minded.

We just want to inspire people, want to inspire young people from us to get started something of their own.

So, i am not money minded instead I believe in expansion of Idea, expansion of innovation, expansion of creativity and to motivate young generation to become entrepreneur. 

CT: Who is your targeted audience? Do you manage everything on individual basis or you have a team?

PB: To be honest we want to have chai from every person from bicycle to BMW and apart from this we do many events like Ludo Championship, Cricket Championship over chai ke thela and event on Kerala Valentine Day, seminars on job creation.

There are many ways to come with MBA Chaiwala and we want to create that aura and it happened. Initially, i started individually but now i have a team of around 25 to 30 people who are working on different projects and on different jobs.

CT: What is your message or piece of advice for inspiring entrepreneur?

PB: I would say that you should start something of your own and don't think about financial problem and getting perfection because perfection is always taking into question and the main thing is that you have to start working on your Idea and don't wait for it to be perfect. You just start and make it perfect.

CLIQTAX extends heartiest wishes to Mr. Prafull Billore, Founder of MBA CHAIWALA for his journey as a mentor and entrepreneur. Kudos to him for such an amazing interview.


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