“MATIC” is gaining Momentum

“MATIC” is gaining Momentum

MATIC price prediction is an analytical task due to the fluctuations in Crypto Markets.

The craze of Cryptocurrencies has given motivation to entrepreneurs to analyze the crypto world.” MATIC” is gaining popularity in the Crypto world during the hardest times of the market which was  Founded by Innovative Indians. Undoubtedly, MATIC is giving competition to other cryptos and making its  place in the crypto world

What is Matic?

“MATIC” a native currency of polygon formerly known as Matic Network. It was founded by three Indian software engineers in 2017 Jayanti Kanani, Sandeep Nailwal & Anurag Arjun. Polygon aims to solve the loopholes of Blockchain technology like High gas fees & slow speeds without getting security breaches. It will lead to the mass adoption of Cryptocurrencies by minimizing the issues of scalability on many blockchains.

Matic tokens are released on the monthly basis and around 6 billion Matic tokens are in circulation with a maximum supply capped at 10 billion. Matic price prediction is an analytical task due to the fluctuations in crypto markets. Demand & supply play a big role in determining Matic price. If more people will start adding magic coins it means that prices will increase. If a matic network is enhanced with the latest technology it also means that prices will increases.

Features of MATIC

Some of the features are given below:

1. Easy Accessibility: It is the key feature of Matic that its low fees, scalability & smooth transactions on Matic sidechains.

2. High Returns: It has achieved up to 7,000TPS on a single sidechain on the internet test net. Multiple chains will be added for Horizontal scaling.

3. Security: The chain operators of MATIC are the stakes of PoS systems

4. Public: Matic sidechains are public and permissionless for use.

5. User Friendly: The process on Matic's mainchain runs so smoothly that anyone can easily do his/her transactions.

Partnerships of MATIC

Some of the partnerships are given below:

1. Decentraland: IT is a virtual reality platform operated by the ethereum blockchain. Network scaling technologies has capabilities to perform low cost and high exchange.

2. Zebi: Zebi is a big name in providing blockchain solutions to governments and institutions to protect their valued data.

3. MakerDao: A decentralized autonomous organization that operates the stable coin an asset-based decentralized coin on Ethereum blockchain.

4. Hey Coral: It provides data analytics & compliance protocols to stop security breaches on blockchain technology.

Why MATIC is Dominating in Crypto World?

Recently, Matic becomes the 14t biggest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of more than $14 billion. Made in India Crypto showed an increase in the market when only 4 to 5 famous cryptocurrencies are leading in market crash after china’s speculative statement. According to CoinGecko "Despite the bearish mood of crypto market Matic traded at 4% higher. In past one year the crypto has increased its value by 11000%".The sudden rise of MATIC value is also related to Ethereum as it is used by people to transfer crypto funds over Ethereum networks.

According to Experts "When there is a rise in prices of Ethereum this will lead to shifting of investors from Ethereum to Matic” Recently, Matic crossed the all-time high of the dollar mark. The value is increasing due to the increased adoption of Matic coins people & various partnerships."

Functioning of MATIC

1. Users deposit their crypto assets on Matic”s Mainchain.

2. After the confirmation process of deposited tokens, these get reflected on Matic’s mainchain.

3. Now, users can transfer the tokens anywhere instantly with minimum fees. The process of transferring is very faster as there are blocks.

4. If a user wants to withdraw the remaining tokens he/she can easily withdraw by providing proof of remaining tokens on the root contract.

Expert opinion on Matic

The mass adoption of the Matic coin will determine its future as other cryptocurrencies. In 2021 there is mass adoption of people towards the decentralized apps & cryptos so the Market of magic coins expanded. Multiple market partnerships are also increasing its value. Sudden government policy changes can affect the prices of Matic.


  • “MATIC” is among the few cryptos which suffered market crash very rapidly as Matic increased its value during the Cryptocurrency bloodbath. In the market crash, many cryptos tumbled like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. But why is the newly launched coin Gaining its value? As we know that Matic prices are based on Transferring procedure and it was developed with technical specialization to perform the tasks rapidly & smoothly.
  • The time is not to predict the Matic’s future value as their founders recently said that they are providing the latest innovations in Blockchain. Let us see the Future of Indian Build Crypto

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