Kissflow provides a business process and workflow automation platform that is ideal for businesses of all sizes.

With the principle “Keep it Simple, Stupid”, the company has tapped into the global business process management market and now serves over 10,000 clientele including Fortune 500 companies such as Airbus, Danone, Michelin, Pepsi, Tech Mahindra, Casio, Domino’s Pizza, and more.

Suresh Sambandam launched the start-up in 2012, as he was a leading pioneer in the PaaS industry but he always wanted to help the Indian SaaS industry go global.

He had raised $1 Mn from the Indian Angel Network and identified people who can make his vision come true.

Kiss Success

Kissflow helps businesses simplify complex processes and empowers them to automate processes, track performance, monitor KPIs, and generate reports, all in one interface. It also helps an user initiate process requests, view items that demand immediate actions, and approve the pending tasks without fail.

Recently, Kissflow has expanded its horizon and ventured into a ton of verticals ranging from procurement automation and HR to project management and ultimately, the digital workplace.

The flexible, modular solution approach of Kissflow enables quick implementation of its products with minimum disruption for organizations.

What makes Kissflow click?

Kissflow offers a drag-and-drop interface with 15+ data fields categories to create and customize a perfect form. It helps business teams design databases, add tables, organise data, and use logic to build simple, yet powerful processes.

It also enables users to create dynamic workflows, set deadlines and reminders, create conditions, turn an analog process map into an automated, smooth-flowing process. 

Further, it helps eliminate redundant steps and create complex workflow charts with parallel branches. These automated workflows help employees to perform their tasks efficiently without relying on the broken tasks in multiple apps.

When it comes to market opportunities, a report by Gartner says PaaS is a market of $18.6 Bn in 2019 and expected to hit $22.7 Bn by the year 2020. Meanwhile, SaaS is a market of $73 Bn and estimated to cross $100 Bn by 2020.

It is evident that Suresh switched to SaaS at the right time, as it has higher growth prospects in comparison to PaaS. Kissflow’s cutting-edge technology and perfect product-market fit helped it bag the market leader crown in the low code business process and workflow management software segment.

What changed? 

With the passage of time, the company not only has innovated on technology and product management but also enhanced the experience of the user.

Today, it has its presence in more than 121 countries thanks to its DSM approach. 

The customers were largely dependent on inbound models which compelled them to self-select from the offerings of Kissflow and helped them eliminate all insignificant noise and reduce the cost of acquisition.

The difference in solutions is apparent as in the U.S., large corporations like Salesforce spend more than $75 to acquire a customer due their outbound sales model, on the other hand start-ups in the SaaS spend just $10 to acquire a customer.

Kissflow keeps the margin low and this is a key ingredient that keeps the product differentiated in the competitive market. It’s platform-first approach gave it a competitive edge even in the cut-throat Indian market where products fade everyday due to the lack of awareness. 

Normally, the business curve ranges somewhere between 6 to 12 months for developing the product and the next nine months go into constructing the PMF. And, if you are lucky, VCs will invest in your PMF.

Suresh also pointed out that entrepreneurs think the most about raising funds, instead of making the business model sustainable. The typical business model of a start-up is conventional and lacks product design, product differentiation, and product management capability. 

He further adds that, development of software skills also lacks amidst Indian developers. So Kissflow aims to provide assistance to those start-ups and customers who wish to carry out their business smoothly. This process is known as refining. 

The road ahead

The company deploys the most intelligent business processes management tool that brings higher accountability, efficiency, and control.

While new age companies like Workflow Max, Bizagi, Bitrix21, Podio, and more in the same space as Kissflow are focused on raising more funds. NewGen has raised $85.7 Mn whereas Bizagi raised $56.7 Mn.

On the contrary, Suresh has a different say on this, he is not currently looking to raise the funds but is focused to improve the user experience. 

Kissflow believes the key to success is not just selling but delivering the customer an exceptional experience.

The company is building its workforce rapidly and now has close to 200 employees and stands tall as a role model to many entrepreneurs.


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