Internet of Things(IoT) : Mechanization of Disseminating Information, Connecting Devices & Modernizing Businesses

Internet of Things(IoT) : Mechanization of Disseminating Information, Connecting Devices & Modernizing Businesses

The world is interconnected and the digital systems can easily facilitate recording, monitoring & adjusting of connection.

“If you think that the internet has changed your life, think again. The Internet of Things is about to change it all over again.”-Brendan O'Brien

What is the Internet of Things?

“Internet of Things” refers to the network of physical objects-“Things”- which are embedded with the sensors, software & various technologies for the motive of connecting & exchanging data with other devices and various systems over the internet. Connected devices can be normal household objects & sophisticated instruments. Currently, there are 7 million connected IoT devices and it is increasing day by day.

Why the Internet of Things become so Important?

Nowadays, IoT has become the most important part of technology in the 21st century. We can connect daily objects like Kitchen appliances, cars & thermostats, etc. Through this method, seamless communication is possible between various people & processes. The exchange of information can take place by the minimal human interaction and using the cloud, big data analytics, etc. The world is interconnected and the digital systems can easily facilitate recording, monitoring &b adjusting of connection. In simple words, it is the interaction of the Physical & Digital World.

Technologies that made IoT possible: The idea of IoT has come much before but the recent advancements in technologies made it possible:

1.  Access to low-cost, Low-power sensor technology: IoT Technology has become possible for more manufacturers due to affordable & reliable sensors.

2.  Connectivity: Network protocols for the internet helps in the transmission & connection of the network.

3.  Cloud Computing Computers: As we know that Cloud platforms are easily available and it helps in the accessing the network to both consumers & businesses.

4.  Machine Learning & Analytics: With the modern advancements in Machine Learning & analytics more data can easily be stored in cloud platforms and it helps in the easy gathering of data for businesses.

5.  Conversational Artificial Intelligence: Development in neural networks has brought Natural Language Processing (NLP) to IoT devices

IoT Devices

IoT is Beneficial for these Industries: Some of these are given below:

1. Manufacturing: There are various types of intricacies involved in the manufacturing sector and with the help of connection with sensors it becomes able in finding failures involved in these activities. Sensors can easily measure the quality of Production activities. Manufacturers can easily check the quality of equipment with the help of sensors. It assists the companies in reduction of operating costs & improvement in asset performance asset management.

2. Automotive: The Automobile industry has modernized its applications due to the use of IoT. Sensors can easily detect impending failures in vehicles and give the proper recommendations to the driver.

3. Transportation & Logistics: Transportation & Logistics industry gets the benefits of various applications of IoT. Like the Route of the various transports & logistics carrying vehicles can be rerouted due to bad weather conditions & other things. IoT applications can send alerts when the temperature of Pharmaceutical equipment, Food & Beverages increases.

4. Retail: IoT applications help in modernizing the inventory management system, Supply chain & operational costs, etc.

5. Healthcare: There are many types of equipment in the hospitals which are need for the patients if IoT sensors get attached to these instruments then Doctors, Nurses & medical staff can easily find them whenever required.

IoT Applications

Some of them are given below:

1.  Latest Efficiencies in Machine Monitoring & Product Quality Monitoring: With the applications of IoT technology Machines can easily be monitored and products can be evaluated to make the best performances.

2.  Improvement in Tracking of “Physical Assets”: IoT helps businesses in tracking and the technology of Ring-Fencing facilitates the protection of High-value assets.

3.  Using wear less in monitoring Health & Environmental effects: IOT wearables facilitate the monitoring of health and easy monitoring of the patients by doctors.

4.  Enable Business in Process Change: IoT interacts with businesses with advanced technologies and helps in their all-round development.

Advantages of IoT:

Some are given below:

1.  Derivation of Data for the functioning of Businesses.

2.  Betterment in production & efficiency of business operations.

3.  Innovating the latest Business models & revenue streams.

4.  Connecting physical Businesses to the Digital World.

Wrapping Up

IoT (Internet of Things) making modernized things possible by the use of sensors, Specializing in the automobile sector by enabling connected cars. It has become businesses more equipped with the adoption of sophisticated technologies. IoT makes the functioning of business processes smoothly by sensor technology and connecting it to various devices & networks. It is gaining momentum day by day and the future of this mechanization is looking bright.

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