India is Promoting IPR at International Arena

India is Promoting IPR at International Arena

Its importance was firstly notified in the Paris Convention for the protection of industrial property.

Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property rights refer to the rights to the person over the creation of things by their like literary works, artistic works, inventions, symbols, names & images. Generally, they provide exclusive rights to the person for the use of His/her creation at a specific period.

These rights are recognized under the Universal Declaration of human rights in article 27 which assists in the right to benefit from the protection of moral & material interests resulting from the authorship of the scientific, literary, artistic production. Its importance was firstly notified in the Paris Convention for the protection of industrial property. & Berne convention for the protection of literary & artistic works. Both are administered by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation)


These Are Divided Mostly Into two Main Areas:

1. Copyright & Its Related Rights: In these types, the rights of the authors of literary & artistic works (books, writings, musical compositions) are protected by the copyright for the minimum period of 50 years after the death of the author.

2.  Industrial Property: These are divided into two main areas:

  • Protection of the distinctive signs: Trademark differentiates the goods & services of one undertaking from the other.
  • Geographical indications help in the finding of originating place & its characteristics.
  • The protection of these types of geographical signs ensures free & fair competition in the market & protection of the interests of the consumers.
  • The protection may last indefinitely provided the distinctive feature came into question.

3. Industrial Designs & Secrets of Trade: Different types of industrial protected primarily to promote invention, design in the manufacture

Why IPR Is Needed 

There Are Many Reasons For The Need For The IPR.

Some Are As Follows:

1. Promotes Innovative Minds: The legal protection helps in the encouragement of the person and it will lead to newer productions.

2. Increase In Ihe Economic Growth: Promotion & protection of the new property helps in the growth of the economy by the creation of job opportunities, leading a good life for the people.

3. Protection of Rights of Creators: IPR helps in the protection of the rights of the creators for a specific given period.

4. Ease of Doing Business: As we know that the differentiation of the goods & services helps in the flexibility of the business activities.

5. Promotes International Trade: It enables the exchange of technology and promotes foreign direct investment, joint ventures, etc.

India & IPR

India Always Advocated The IPR at International Platforms And Promotes International Trade:

1. India is a member country of the WTO and committed to the agreement of the TRIPS (Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property), India is also a member of WIPO and promoter of intellectual property rights in the world.

2.  India is also a member country of the WIPO-related conference;

There Are Many Conferences Held. Some Are Listed Below

  •  Paris convention on intellectual property rights.
  •  Patent cooperation treaty.
  • Treaty on protection of the only pic symbol held in Nairobi.
  • Washington treaty

What is National IPR Policy

The IPR policy is adopted in 2016 a vision document in pro, the motion of the intellectual property rights in the country

1. “Creative India innovative India”

2. Aims for making of the single platform for the IPRs to avoid the synergies.

3. Sets institutional mechanism for the protection, promotion ^& development of intellectual property rights.

4. It is synonyms to the WTOS TRIPS.


1.    Awareness: Helps in the promotion of the IPR throughout the country and enhancement in quality of the research & development.
2.    Generation of the IPRs: Generated the IPR S  at massive scale.
3.    Administration & Management: Efficiency management is necessary countrywide access.
4.    Human development: Helps in the promotion of new ideas in the field of innovation & creates for the welfare of the country.

Sum Up

India’s progress in the field of research & development is seen by the ranking of its in the global innovative index. It made a significant contribution in the development of the policies of intellectual properties for the world and always follow international regulations. It enables competition in India and helps the markets to flourish. As we know that an efficient intellectual property rights system helps in the economic development of the country. Policies such as those made in India and digital India also promoted a lot to the development of IPR. The need of the hour is to create awareness & simultaneous transformation with the world.

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