GO1, a Brisbane, Australia based company has raised $40 million in funding to increase market expansion in North America.

It was founded in 2015, is an online platform organization focused specifically on providing online courses to the professionals who want to enhance their skills or to meet company’s compliance.

GO1 has raised $40 million in funding to increase market expansion in North America.

Amid the corona virus outbreak (COVID-19), most of the population is forced to work from home, there is dire need for tools that help people feel connected to their profession. Due to the increased demand for the platform , the company has also extended its content partner network to offer a content hub that is designed to allow companies to upscale their workforce with dynamic training with a dynamic content-driven platform for companies that are open to learning.

As its Vision statements state that they are committed to provide the best learning opportunities to improve lives through education and training. It's their vision to be the most used source for professional learning by the year 2020.

GO1 is in partnership with both in-house learning management systems and its own content. The presence of the company is widespread in four continents, i.e. Australia, United States, South Africa & United Kingdom and it has grown fivefold year over year in the western market alone.

With more than 3,000 enterprises globally, the company has offered the skills and courses to more than 1.5 million avid learners who are able to access over 170,000 courses and many other related courses or skill enhancement training from more than 100 highly reputed content partners that is huge as it only started in 2015. 

This phase has turned out to be a boon for online learning platforms like GO1, reportedly, it has increased its engagement by three-fold in the span of 1 month alone. The major customers such as Delta Air Lines Inc., Hays plc, University of Oxford, NBC Universal Media etc. are impressed by the ability of offering quality training skills. 

Moreover, it has also made certain courses and resources available for free to help learners continue to update the knowledge during this tough time of disruption and change. Till now, the company has raised $83.7 million, the funding is coming from top notch list of backers such as:

Madrona Venture Group and SEEK
  • It is an online recruitment and course directory company that has many EdTech start-ups, such as FutureLearn and Coursera which have vast participation. Other ventures like Salesforce Ventures, the major investing arm of the CRM and Innovation Fund etc.
  • Rob Keith, Head of Australia at Salesforce Venture, said in a recent interview that GO1 provides the platform to scale its content hub globally while most the companies today focuses on personal learning, this company provides the digital acceleration shift in the learning tools which will help company share the vision as them create lifelong learner journey.
  • It has integrated with the GO1 content directly via Microsoft’s video and message platform to provide seamless learning experience.
  • The Global Head of Microsoft, Nagraj Kashyap, said when 75 million users are using the platform for their skills enhancement, they are proud to invest in a solution which promotes learning and business during this time.
  • There are several challenges that are faced by learners and it is more of IT nature such as, not getting the access which is secure and reliable on the right kinds of machines for better use of articulation and communication of courses.
  • It is imperative to maintain healthy work life balance when working online as it tends to stretched more hours than in office.

But, education is one of ways which helps create the learning in various areas; it can build not only skills and professionalism but create a good attitude, better value system that leads to motivate people to focus their mind from monotonous routine but still remains relevant to work.

Like GO1, other pioneers are pursuing this opportunity as well such as Udemy, LinkedIn etc. which provides them with compliance company training like accounting, Java to courses like Yoga and meditation and other mindfulness training and everything in between.

According to the user rating reviews performed on g2, Coursera rates 4.5 out of 5 with 158 reviews and GO1 premium rates 3.9 stars with 12 reviews. On the parameters of ‘meeting requirements’ and ‘ease of doing’ the course, Coursera seemed to outshine.

However, GO1 premium has the upper hand in market segment (mid-market) with the edge of 28%, also Coursera doesn’t seem to provide Free Trail like GO1 which provides the trial period of 14 days with easy sign up and no commitments.

After the pandemic hits the normalcy, the different approaches would be taken by the business to meet the new dimension of skills, it is imperative for the platforms like these to understand the new perspective of skills outlook.

GO1 has 3,000 plus customer bases and more than 1.5 million users GO1 is making a remarkable presence on its learning platform to help teams and individuals feel supported and secure during such upside down uncertainty. 


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