Needless to say, the convenience of getting food products delivered home in such importune times is a sizable amenity.

In this critical hour of social distancing and standing six feet apart within circles outside a grocery store for essentials, our door-to-door delivering genies like Zomato, Swiggy and Dunzo are our only option.

Recent development is that Field Fresh Foods, which is a unit of DelMonte has tied up with these online delivery platforms. The collaboration with DelMonte implies the sale of its range of premium food products, — which include Tomato Ketchup, Mayo, Pasta, Olive Oil and fruit drinks - apart from organic fruits, vegetables and other staple foods. 

The CEO of Field Fresh Foods, Mr. Yogesh Bellani, talking about why the Field Fresh Foods decided to take this step says, “In such unprecedented times, we are striving to ensure continuity in the supply of our products to consumers. In our efforts to ensure the same, we have partnered with app-based delivery platforms for smooth and safe delivery of our products across major cities, enabling accessibility and convenience for the consumers."

The collaborators are delivering these products in cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad, with Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai and Delhi-NCR as part of the tie-up.

Needless to say, the convenience of getting food products delivered home in such importune times is a sizeable amenity. In fact, in the bigger cities where these hyper-local apps are more actively functioning, the threats too are greater. The spread of COVID-19 has been fastest in these cities and is only increasing every day. 

In fact, at a point in time some weeks ago, there were talks that the Maharashtra CM would disallow the permission for going out to even buy essentials in Mumbai because of the geometrically rising number of cases. Though this decision was not put to effect, social distancing still remains the most advantageous design to win the battle against coronavirus. 

There is no denying that the grocery stores display a whole range of products and we get to choose. But the apps providing us this service have a similar display on your very mobile screen. Talking of Zomato, when we open the app, it has a separate Zomato Market built into it. In the Zomato Market, you are striding across different stores delivering in your area of the city, where DelMonte or the Field Fresh Foods will be an option too. Having opened the store, one finds the option to be able to add the various products they need on to their carts. The same will be delivered via the zealous motorists of Zomato. 

The process remains the same for even Swiggy and Dunzo, wherein the DelMonte store can be accessed through the app and stuff added to your personal cart. Payments can be made online and the rest is taken care of by the riders. 

All the online delivering platforms are not only providing us immense comfort in these tough times but also are taking necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the virus. The apps have made current the idea of a Zero Contact Delivery. If a customer does not want to collect their packages from the motorist by coming in contact with them, they can choose the option of getting a zero-contact delivery. The rider in such a case places the package outside the door of the customer and sends a photograph to the customer of their package. This way, one can avoid contact and also can rely that the order placed has been properly delivered. Payment in a zero-Contact Delivery is of course done online.

Apart from this, the delivery apps, to ensure the safety of their products, have rated restaurants and markets on their “hygiene quotient” by consulting experts. The stores are marked for good hygiene maintenance, and one can choose options which seem absolutely reliable. 

Getting essentials delivered at home in the lockdown period will enable the better management of the huge population of people in India, because they will not need to go out at all. The lesser people venturing out into markets, the lesser the contagion will be. 

Del Monte is not only focussing on essentials but also on its premium products which most households must be craving, like ketchups, mayonnaise and juices. Packaged foods did form a huge part of our lives before the virus and most of us are waiting to grab a bite of these once the lockdown gets over.

In collaborating with the Field Fresh Foods, they have brought home a wider range of products and have also employed a number of retail stores. 

Apparently, the lockdown will be extended further depending on current situation, and until things settle down, we have our frontline workers, providing us aid at every level for which they truly deserves all credit and appreciation. 

These enthusiasts from delivery apps like Zomato, Swiggy and Dunzo, are aiding us at the level of households and communities too. They are putting their lives at risk and providing us accessibility to whatever we wish for. 


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