Everything you need to know regarding Voter ID Card

Everything you need to know regarding Voter ID Card

In India, Voter ID card plays the role of an identity document for all the Indian adults

People who are 18 and above. It is an important identity proof that should be produced by a citizen who is ready to cast his/her vote in the nation's different stages of the election- national, state, and municipal.

Election Commission is the body that issues this document and we also know this identity document as EPIC- Electoral Photo ID Card.

This card is not only used during voting but also at the time of producing proof for general identity, age, and address. Voter ID also has its application during a new sim purchase or while appealing for a passport.

How to apply for a Voter ID card using the internet?

We already are marching towards a totally digitalized country, therefore it's very necessary that we are offered online government services for attaining necessary identification documents and proofs.

The website that will help you to get a voter id in India is the National Voters' Service Portal.

Points to be taken care of before applying-

  • You must be an Indian citizen.
  • Minimum age should be 18.
  • You must submit a permanent address of yours.
  • Sound mind and no criminal charges.
  • Should not be financially bankrupt.

Here are the steps for gaining a Voter ID card online-

  • Visit National Voters' Service Portal.
  • Click the option which flashes registration for a new voter id card.
  • An online form as "form 6" will appear which has to be filled in correctly and attentively.
  • Moreover, you will be required to upload your mugshot and supporting documents for address and identity proofs.

What are the constituent details that make your voter id complete?

  • Your name.
  • Your father's name.
  • It has a unique serial number.
  • Your photograph.
  • A hologram that shows concerned state/national symbol.
  • Gender.

How to track your voter id application?

1.    Visit the Chief Electoral Officer website

2.    Choose the tab which flashes "track the voter id status"

You can also visit National Voters' Service Portal and hunt for your name in the Electoral Roll. In this process, you require to give a few details like your application number (EPIC number), name, father's name, DOB, gender, state, and district constituency.

How to verify your voter id?

  • You get a voter id number with which you can do the verification.
  • You need to visit NVSP.
  • Select the tab "search name in Electoral Roll"
  • Enter your voter id number and other details to verify.

Note: In case of any deviation or mistake, one must seek help from the website of the Chief Electoral Officer belonging to their state. You can get offline help by visiting the nearest state election office.

Voter ID Correction

In case you want to make some changes or corrections in your voter id, these are the necessary steps to be followed-

1.    The same website of NVSP ( National Voters ‘Service Portal) is to be visited.

2.    Fill out "Form 8" to make the required corrections.

3.    Submit the form with other relevant documents and details that are asked to produce by the in-charge body.

Uses of Voter ID

1.    As already stated, it can work like identity, address, and age proof.

2.    You can apply for other documents like PAN, Passport, domicile, and so on, using your voter id.

3.    It can be used to get services from different government schemes.

4.    It gives you an acknowledgment of being a registered voter.

Note: Having a voter id doesn't necessarily mean that you will be permitted to vote, the point of primary importance is that your name should be there in the electoral rolls.

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