Ethereum: The New Crypto Sensation

Ethereum: The New Crypto Sensation

Ethereum was founded by Vitalik Buterin to use the latest technology in the world of Digital Currencies.

Cryptocurrencies have skyrocketed their popularity and there is no sign of a slow down after the massive market crash. According to Young Billionaire and Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin “Currently, cryptocurrencies are in a bubble but it is not easy to predict when it will burst.” Let us Talk about Ethereum CoinMarketCap revealed on Wednesday the price of ethereum fell to $2,092.Although it managed the fall to some extent on Thursday and it is trading in a market at a downward trend. Vitalik Buterin who crowned the youngest billionaire of the world. His account fell from $1.1 billion to $ 870 million in a day. But this hasn’t surprised the young billionaire.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum, an open-source, blockchain-based decentralized software platform used for its own cryptocurrency “Ether”.It is the second most popular crypto by market capitalization. Its specifications are its uses in NFT transactions or non-fungible tokens. It was founded by Vitalik Buterin to use the latest technology in the world of Digital Currencies. It is a programmable digital currency and works more flexibly than Bitcoin.

Ethereum Storage

Ether can’t be stored physically anywhere. Choosing wallets is essential as it contains private keys to access ethers. There are mainly four types of wallets:

1.  Hardware Wallets: Physical storage devices and offers safe online key storage. But the keys of hardware wallets can get lost so be careful.
2.  Desktop Wallets: Store your private & public keys into your computer but you should be careful about a password.
3. Mobile Wallets: These are similar to desktop wallets but take less space. It will cover almost 13 types of cryptocurrencies.
4.  Web Wallets: Web wallets are like Coinbase wallets but these are not safe to store cryptocurrencies.

Why is Ethereum becoming a new Crypto Sensation?

1. Incomparable features: According to Billionaire Mark Cuban it is a coded contract and executes automatically when the situation also drives non-fungible tokens. In this year sales of NFT’s have soared and it became a source of profit for digital artists.

2. Defi Platform: As we know that Ethereum is a programmable blockchain so different currencies & applications can be built on the network. Decentralized Finance has features that a person does not require a bank account to earn, lend or borrow. Approximately 80% of decentralized apps are available on the Ethereum network.

3. Eth 2 is coming: Eth 2 is an up-gradation that will likely happen in Ethereum which makes it more scalable, environment-friendly, and usable, etc.

Could Ethereum Surpassed Bitcoin?

It is a good question after the massive success story of Bitcoin everybody is looking for its next powerful contender. While Ethereum is young in comparison to Bitcoins. Currently, during the Market crash Bitcoin hit very hard and fell massively in comparison to Ethereum. Ethereum is six years old and its current value is over $3000 but when Bitcoin was six years old its value was only $250.Let us analyze: Bitcoin is a decentralized currency and reached new heights of success but it has no room for further modification like its bad environmental impacts, energy usage. In contrast, Ethereum has a big picture of specialized applications like Defi platform, Smart contracts & Eth2 is yet to come to solve the bad impacts on the environment.

Future of Ethereum

According to Nigel Green CEO & Founder of Devere's group “Ethereum time has come and it can lead the market share of cryptocurrencies.” he also said that Ethereum is the main beneficiaries in the explosion of the crypto market. He said that momentum will take place Ether to new heights. Bloomberg report revealed Ethereum has taken an uptrend after the release of the first Digital bond by the European Bank on the Ethereum blockchain network. Businesses have started to invest in startups rounding around Ethereum like Mastercard, UBS, JP Morgan, etc.


The big question is what will happen to the world of Cryptocurrencies as a whole. Its volatility & unpredictability has proved in the last week. Experts are saying that anything that can possibly in a crypto world like the Values of Bitcoin & Ethereum rise suddenly or it can burst like a bubble. It is advisable that invest the money which you can lose or hope for long-term profit. Ethereum may break all the records of Bitcoins but the more important thing is to see the performance of Eth 2 and the US government move on Cryptocurrencies.

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