The revolutionary notion was designed to encourage a cashless mode of financial transaction.

E-Rupi : A Big Digital Platform 

Over the last few years, we have witnessed a phenomenal change in the Indian economy. New modes of transactions especially going digital are emphasized. To keep up the digital transaction at its pace, PM Narendra Modi announced the launch of a new Digital transaction platform called the E-Rupi. 

The idea was initially thought by the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) in compound with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the National Health Authority. 

All About The E-Rupi

The revolutionary notion was designed to encourage a cashless mode of financial transaction. No need to get into contact with anyone to complete the transaction. To get confirmation the beneficiaries will either receive the SMS series in the form of e-vouchers or will get a or scan code. It creates a connection among the service providers, beneficiaries, and sponsors using the digital interface. 

Key Facts About The E-Rupi Platform

    • With the E-Rupi platform, the digital dimension is gaining more prominence. 
    • The country is moving towards a new paradigm that is mainly digital-based. 
    • The E-voucher will make the Direct Benefit transaction more significant and effective in the digital world. 
    • Thus it promotes a free, safe, transparent delivery without any loopholes. 
    • The technology is designed to aid both the government and other organizations as well. Any organization in its capacities will be able to provide any kind of help in regards to education or work.
    • The organization can use the E-Rupi platform instead of counting on the cash.
    • The best thing about the E-Rupi platform is that it allows one-time payment options to the users. The users can redeem the vouchers without the help of digital payment options like app or using any card. 
    • The E-Rupi platform ensures that the service provider will get the payment only with the completion of the payment method. 
    •  The E-Rupi platform does not involve any third party to its system because of its prepaid nature. 
    • Besides using it as a regular card, one can use the same for executing the special type of schemes like eradicating TB, child, and maternal welfare schemes, diagnostic and medical schemes specifically stated under the Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana, or for offering subsidiary for the fertilizers. 
    • The most intriguing is that Private sectors can even use this digital card for the welfare of the employees. With this card, they can also conduct other socially responsible programs in the corporate sector. 
    •  Note that these vouchers are non-transferable. 
    •  With a single voucher, the user can get the maximum credit limit of Rs 10,000.
    •  E-Rupi is considered a noble initiative towards supporting the beneficiaries in every possible way. Honestly, they simplified the whole transaction concept to a great level. As per which the beneficiary does not require to have any bank account to get the financial aid from the government. 

Final Say 

Thus the concept E-Rupi will no doubt revolutionize the traditional way of transaction. The digital payment platform is a smart drive initiative taken by the government of India. The motto behind the concept is to empower every beneficiary to enjoy easy access to governmental financial aids directly. 

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