DASH: Pioneer in Security, Speed & Reliability

DASH: Pioneer in Security, Speed & Reliability

When DASH was introduced in the market its features are new to the people of the crypto world.

“DASH” has entered the crypto world intending to provide more features, scalability in terms of other cryptos. Since its introduction in Crypto, world DASH has grown its community & Modernized its platform. Currently, It is one of the most recognizable cryptocurrencies.

What is Dash?

DASH, an open-source protocol which is originated from Hard Fork from the Blockchain of Bitcoin. This coin has many unique features which are not present in other cryptos. The main focus of this coin is on the Privacy & speed of the transaction. So the transactions are instant and done with a high-security approach. When DASH was introduced in the market its features are new to the people of the crypto world. Dash continues its recognition in the maintenance of privacy & speed of the transactions.

Features of Dash

1.  InstaSend: Dash which is popular for its instant transactions is due to its feature “INSTASEND” which facilitates the mining process using the consensus of master modes invalidating the transactions. This process eliminates the confirmation protocol from the Blockchain network, Masternodes forms voting quorums. When people request the transactions mastermodes accept it and locks the information.

2.  PrivateSend: Privatesend is the most special feature of the DASH network that allows the transferring & receiving of funds without any traceable information. In simple words, these generally make untraceable payments on the blockchain network. This process is simple.

3.  Chain Lock: When the Chainlock of the DASH is used parallel to Instasend it can protect the network from 51 % of cyber attacks.

4.  Sporks: SPORKS helps in the process of major up-gradation without using soft & hard forks. These updates enter the blockchain in multiphase. This helps the developers in monitoring the real-time data surrounding them.

Functioning of DASH

DASH community runs by Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).DAO”s facilitates the process of smart contracts. They make a critical role in the crypto sector by solving the two major issues of governing & funding:

1.  DASH Community: The DASH community has a lot of members and they play a major role in the development of the network. It consists of standard nodes which help message & validate the transactions. Network nodes help in the validation of the transactions. Various funds are contributed to modernized the DASH platform.

2.  Masternodes: The network of DASH also takes the help of Masternodes. Masternodes are helpful in the daily node transactions on the network.. In simple words, they act as shareholders. They can vote directly for a proposal and each Masternode has one vote.

  • Interesting Facts
  • Word DASH is the joining of words Digital & Cash.
  • For enabling Masternodes in DASH a person should have 100 DASH.
  • The 10th mining of each block goes to future Development of Dash.

How to Buy

1.  Binance: It is the best platform for Singapore, the UK, and most parts of the World.US residents are prohibited to buy tokens from this platform.

2.  Coinswitch: In India, you can buy it from this platform.

3.  BitPanda: Best For the European region and they don’t accept transactions from other residents.

4.  Kraken: Best for US residents.

Wrapping Up

DASH is continuing to be a popular cryptocurrency in today’s world. The project is a perfect example of how a blockchain network can provide freedom & liberty. We can accept DASH to be a major contributor to the crypto world. It is also incomparable in its speed & privacy.

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