Darker Side of Technology is Intimidating the Technocratic World

Darker Side of Technology is Intimidating the Technocratic World

Chinese hackers are accessing the US defense systems and want to hack major weaponery systems.

Technology is changing day by day and always finding new realms of innovations. A cyberscape created by America on its image-free, open, decentralized, distributed & self-governing networks. If the internet was created by China & Russia the picture will be different. Undoubtedly, the freedom & transmission of the internet become a major source of vulnerabilities. Authoritative countries think that the Freedom of Cyberspace is very dangerous.

They take it as Geopolitical weapons to use for Cyberattacks. America’s precious assets Intellectual Property are in the cyber threat. Chinese hackers are accessing the US defense systems and want to hack major weaponery systems.

Features of Cyberspace Attacks

The most attractive feature of Cyberspace is its anyone not even an educated person can easily enter the World and create apps, Networks, Games and perform cyber attacks like Serious information hackings without even a trace. As we know That Rogue states and Digital terrorist groups use speciaist hackers to breach intellectual property and also steal diplomatic & strategic plans. The attacks of Cybersecurity are performed with a very sharp mind that no intelligence agencies can predict. It can attack various domains like Commercial, Military, Political, Cultural, Strategic, intellectual,diplomatic, and much more. Power Grids, Financial Systems & Defense networks can be easily shattered by Cyber attacks.

Mumbai, Witnessed a cyberattack last year which collapsed its Electric Grid and put millions into a power cut. According to the report published in the new york times, it was a Chinese cyber attack and a warning from China. May 7 Ransomware attack on America’s colonial Pipeline was performed by a criminal Hacking Group named “Darkside”. Cryptocurrencies that are based on Blockchain technology are also prone to cyber breaches and ransom in cryptos cannot be traced. Mandiant, USA Cybersecurity company find that a PLA unit located near china’s shanghai had strategically stolen hundreds of terabytes of data from US Corporations, Organizations & administrations. These are product blueprint, manufacturing plans, clinical trials etc.

International  Strategies to Protect Data

NSA (National Security Agency) conducts high-profile surveillance under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance act.it acquires the data from telephone companies and internet service providers, The main focus is on the Cross border data flow. With so much knowledge of the Data collected the NSA has become early aware of the cyber-attacks which are likely to happen. We can say the Technological giants of Silicon Valley have made a full-proof plan to protect data. In the analysis we can say Cyberspace is the data and it is power. Matthew Slaughter said “With the advent of 5G technology the Data will rise exponentially,” They said data is non-rival  it can be used for any purpose and anytime. How much important is Data? Pentagon the defense of US spends millions of dollars in Research & development for developing the methods of Defense systems. In the current scenario, the vaccine created by Pfizer & Moderna is also backed by essential data.

Bottom Line

Cyberspace is called the Fifth domain Land, Air, Water, Space & now Cyberspace US established “CYBER COMMAND” the Pentagon’s cyber force to act in cyber operations. America like India and various technologically advanced countries have now become a “Data Nation” it means that there are much more essential data in Commercial, Diplomatic, Defense, Strategic, Political, legal, cultural, Economical, etc. Data gives real power and it is prone to vulnerabilities. The burning question is who will become the leader of New digital Age? Techno autocratic nations like Russia & china or Democratic nations like the US, India, Japan, and others.

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