D-Street India’s Biggest Stock Market Exchange

D-Street India’s Biggest Stock Market Exchange

The benchmark indices of NSE Nifty 50, as well as the BSE Sensex, took a hike primarily just after the covid hit in the year 2020.

D-Street India’s Biggest Stock Market Exchange 

Covid 19 has compelled the Indian stock market to take a new form. Surely from 2020, we have seen that economic uncertainty and frailty have engulfed the entire world. Amidst such a bizarre situation, somehow the stock market has sighed relief to the citizens. Last year in March 2020 we saw a sudden downfall in the indices, Nifty and Sensex, however, they overcame and rose the pyramid with escalating numbers. 

This year 2021 turns out promising for the Indian stock market. Indeed the stock market has been performing excellently this year. The benchmark indices of NSE Nifty 50, as well as the BSE Sensex, took a hike primarily just after the covid hit in the year 2020. As per data revealed, Sensex has made 82 percent growth in the last 15 months. According to the statistical predictions, it is said that Sensex may cross the number of 54,000 by the end of this year 2021. 

Factors Affecting The Pace of Stock Markets 

  • The sentiment of the investors plays a key role in affecting the stock market.
  • The financial performance of the enlisted companies plays a great role in the development. 
  • Political, economic decisions, announcements made by companies, disasters whether natural or man-made equally impact the stock markets.
  • Sluggish growth of the economy may not directly affect the growth of the Indian stock market. 
  • Well on the whole the stock markets are highly controlled by the buying and selling of goods. There will be moments when the transactions will be at their best while there are moments when the market will face a setback. So overall these factors more or less control the stock market. 

What Are The Driving Factors of The on D-Street? 

If you consider the best stock market in the entire world, then obviously that is the Indian stock market. “Since 2020, its high rising performance has made the investors shut their mouth. Both the Nifty and Sensex are on the move to keep on experimenting on fresh peaks each month considering the sentiments of the bullish investors. 

The local stock markets achieved success because of the adequate liquidity and low rate of interest. To date, Sensex has been the best-known performer with a count of 53,000. However Nifty turn was out a bit disappointing as it hit below 20 points.

As per the stock market experts, both nifty and Sensex will make the best because the list of the top companies added a sense of optimism in the air with their striking records. The hike in the IPO is also urging companies towards making new records as well.

Investors from distant land are taking quite an interest in the Indian stock market. They are ready to invest as the growth potential is too high here. As per reports, the total inflow of income from overseas investors hit 7 dollars billion. This is the highest amount recorded among all the countries in Asia. 

The latest monetary remodeling of the RBI is certainly the main reason behind the inflated Indian stock market. The Indian stock markets will keep their gained pace if the central bank keeps the interest rate low. 

One more thing that directly impacted the Indian stock market is the investors. According to the report from the SBI, there has been a surge of new investors hitting 14 million in the year 2020- 2021. A revolution can be witnessed among the investors as they are counting more on buying stocks rather than investing in traditional bank deposits. Well, more participation from retail investors is expected to keep the momentum going. 

How Long The Indian Stock Market Will Be Able To Able To Maintain Its Momentum? 

Well, certainly the Indian stock market will be able to retain its momentum unless and until there is a major change in the monetary policy of the RBI. However, it’s on the RBI if they decide to keep the interest rate low then the Indian stock market will be able to sail smoothly. But if they increase the interest rate then the momentum might get disturbed 

As you all know that the sudden flare of the pandemic has completely shredded the economy. Therefore amid such a qualm, the main goal of the central bank is to stand by the economy and help in its recovery. 

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