Mr. Prateek Bhansali has also qualified the exam of Independent Director conducted by the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs.

He is an ideal Company Secretary who has a good knowledge of the subject matters along with the current affairs. He also taught Company Secretary students in order to update his knowledge while working already with an MNC.

He has initiated to make the study materials available in the form of Hindi medium to the Company Secretary students who were lagging behind due to language barriers which is an appreciable effort on his part.

In his career so far has been served as Company Secretary to an MNC, therefore he is also well versed with the compliance applicability for the different types of Companies. The core skills- set does define his Company Secretarial career includes Compliances under Companies Act, 2013, updated with the changes and ensure timely compliances.

In addition to all the above achievements, he is also a faculty with many reputed colleges and institutions to keep himself updated with the amendments and to encourage upcoming professionals.

Mr.Prateek Bhansali – Practising Company Secretary and Trademark Attorney at Prateek Bhansali and associates talk about his achievements, his challenges, his journey so far in an exclusive interview with CLIQTAX.

CT: Please tell us something about yourself, your experience & journey so far?

PB: I am born and brought up in Jaipur. I completed my Graduation in Commerce and Law, Jaipur (Rajasthan); Qualified Company Secretary. I am a Single parent-child since birth (my mother played the role of my father also).

As I completed my CS, I started my job with Indian MNC and in the blank time, I used to teach professional students so that I can update my knowledge as well.

After some time, I thought to write a book on Company Law for the help of professional students for Hindi Medium because there was no study material available in Hindi medium, it is said – “only a wearer knows where the shoe pinch” so I could understand the problem of Hindi Medium students, that’s why I wrote my first book in Hindi and it was a typical task for me.

In the meantime, I met with Dr. Pawan Agarwal, CEO, Mumbai Dabbawala (Swachh Bharat Ambassador nominated by PM Narendra Modi), he held my hand as a teacher and motivated me to fight with the hurdles, and directed me on the way to success in life and career as well.

I qualified for the exam of Independent Director conducted by the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs within 19 minutes with 74% marks.

Every situation taught me in my life – “Do not run for earn, run for learn”

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An Associate Member of the Institute Of Company Secretaries Of India and Commerce Graduate, from IGNOU, New Delhi.



CT: What qualities do you consider the most important in a Secretarial Job?

PB: In the time of Corporate Governance, the role of the company secretary is defined as Governance Professional so that he can guide corporate about better and smooth compliance and governance solutions.

Today, we company secretaries are working in a very broad scope in spite of corporate laws compliances. We should have good and depth knowledge and experience in various concerns such as insurance, banking, startups, finance, taxation, and IPR’s. Today’s time requires a company secretary ought in a complete package in itself. A company secretary is a versatile actor in the corporate and industry.


CT: What do you think is key to maintain a healthy work environment?

PB:  The key to maintaining a healthy work environment is to have discipline and co-ordination. We should co-operate and co-ordinate in our responsibilities; should have a great vision so that our team can build a mission and move on that path to attain a goal. 

CT:  What are you doing on a daily basis to build into other leaders?

PB: A leader is not just a person who leads but he is a guide, coach, and motivator for his followers. As I am an author, I am doing my efforts in the direction to make students and other professionals understand the skill and talent that a person has. They can realize their quality and zeal and stand to lead a role. My mantra for becoming a leader is –

CT: What are the challenges you have faced so far and how did you overcome them?

PB:  In the journey of my life, I faced many challenges. But here, I would like to share a story of my life – “How I became an author because of language issue? How the medium problems turn my life?”

As I was from Hindi Medium throughout my study, I faced many problems while I entered into the professional studies. The language was the most critical barrier in my career but I did not stop, it is said – “Need is the mother of invention” so I converted all my books into Hindi because all study content was in English.

Approximately, I missed my two attempts for doing all of this. No teacher, no book was available at that time to teach a Hindi medium student. I had to be my own teacher. I made the language issues the basis of my success.

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A Fellow Member of the ICSI and a Law Graduate (L.LB.), with Post Graduation in Economics (M.A.) and Commerce (M.Com.)



Even today, I have those written materials in my library and whenever I see, it motivates me to help others. This challenge of language turned my life and I authored my first book at the age of 24 and today, I have authored more than 50+ books and articles on various subject matters and teaching and guiding thousands of students.

CT: Can you describe a time when you have had to deliver negative feedback?

PB:  I faced many times negative feedback because no one is perfect. I took my negative feedback as an opportunity to prove myself. It is everyone’s perception that how he takes his negative remark - “Half glass is filled with water and half glass empty” But I always see the half glass filled with water and I have to fill it completely.

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam quoted – “A positive mind finds an opportunity in everything and negative mind finds faults in everything.” So, be positive.
CT:  What did you like best about your last Company Secretary job and what did you enjoy least?

PB: I lastly worked with Dwarka Gems Limited as Compliance Officer, where I learned a lot because this company is an Indian multinational and the environment was very friendly and co-operative. Learning in a corporate environment with high working standards, was an exciting experience for me. As such nothing was there which I enjoy least.

CT: As you have worked as a faculty as well, which job did you enjoy the most? As a faculty or as a Corporate Professional?

PB: Presently, I am working as Faculty, Author, and Corporate Professional as well. Both fields have their own standards, ethics, and responsibility. I should not suppose to compare with each other because, in both the jobs, I have to guide, direct, lead, and motivate others. As a faculty, I study a lot, formulate some plans and ideas, and implement them in my profession.

These are my interesting concern area; that is why I enjoy a lot while working as a faculty or author or as a professional.

CT:  As a Company Secretary, what is your vision and mission in life?

PB: Being a Corporate Professional, I want to explore new areas of learning where I can develop myself as intellectual property for society. My vision and mission is to create a milestone whereby I can set a story - professional has the limitless sky to fly, just have the passion to do something. By discovering new ideas, I want to do my ordinary work in an extraordinary way.

CT:   What message do you want to convey to the young ones?

PB: I want to convey a message that one should not tie himself in some boundaries. The sky is the limit, whatever you are doing, you will have to constantly search for new areas. Lord Krishna said that “do not wish for fruit, go on doing an action.” Troubles will come in your way, but do not stop; we have to become Hero from Zero.

CT: At last, a few words you want to say about CLIQTAX and your experience with it?

PB: This is a medium that inspires people to know about the works of ordinary people. I got an integral amazing feeling by sharing some experiences about my life and profession with you.

I thank CLIQTAX for providing me this platform.

CLIQTAX extends heartiest wishes to Mr. Prateek  Bhansali for his journey as Practicing Company Secretary and Trademark Attorney. Kudos to him for such an amazing interview.

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