CryptoCurrency : Leading The Digital Money Market

CryptoCurrency : Leading The Digital Money Market

Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency in the world is hitting very high rates as investors from various countries.

CryptoCurrency : Leading The Digital Money Market :

Nowadays the money is multiplying with time people’s choices are driven by the greed of earning more money. Let us come to the point about ‘’PONZI SCHEME” as said by the Indian officials. Yes, we are talking about Cryptocurrencies which are leading in the money market.

Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency in the world is hitting very high rates as investors from various countries are showing investment interest. Bitcoin has the largest share in the market and leading the world of digital money.

What Is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency refers to the digital currency that is accessed by the method known as Cryptography. Various types of cryptocurrencies are based on the principle of blockchain technology. Its critical features are that it is not issued by any Government institutions and hence it can’t be manipulated by the Government. In brief, they are free from government interference.

Cryptocurrencies help in the payments by securing it online and denominated in terms of ‘’tokens’’ represented by the ledger entries which are internal to the system. The word ‘’Crypto’’ refers to the different types of techniques that help in the protection of these entries. For example, elliptical curve encryption, public-private key players.

There Are Many Types of Crypto Currencies :

Most are developed due to see the success of bitcoin in the digital world.

1. Bitcoin : The name which comes to the mind of every person while studying cryptocurrency. Currently, almost there are 18.5 billion tokens in circulation.

2. Bitcoin Cash : The main difference between the original bitcoins is the block size. It also remains a popular cryptocurrency in the world. It was introduced in 2017.

3. Litecoin : It is also increasing its popularity among investors day by day; it also works on the same principle as Bitcoin. It was introduced in 2011.

4. Ethereum : These are not decentralized applications and focuses not only on digital currency. The token used in the process is known as ‘’ether’’.

5. Ripple : it is also a type of cryptocurrency but not for individual users and is based on the uses of larger companies and big corporations.


There Are Many Types of Advances in Crypto Currencies.

Several are as follows:

1. Eases Funds Transfer : Cryptocurrencies simplifies the funds transferring process between the two parties without the involved men of the third party bank or credit company.

2. Incentive Systems : Transferring process of the cryptocurrencies is secured by the different public as well as private keys and various kinds of incentive systems like proof of work or proof of stake.

3. Minimal Processing Fees : The transferring process of various types of cryptocurrencies is performed under minimal fees. It also helps in saving money from the unnecessary transfer fees of banks as well as different financial institutions.

4. Accessibility : In a nutshell, bitcoins are available to users without the interference of the banking system and they can easily process the various transactions from their mobile phones or personal computers.

5. User-oriented : it means that cryptocurrencies can be operated from anywhere in the world and easily get transferred from one person to another person without a specific focus of the third party or person.


These are as follows:

1. Illegal Activities: The nature of cryptocurrencies is suited to the various kinds of illegal activities due to negligible interference of third parties, banks, and governments. These are prone to money laundering and tax evasions.

2. Cyber Security: As we all know that bitcoin is a digital technology and is more prone to cyber thefts and security problems. They can come into the hands of hackers.

3. Price Volatility: As we all know that the price volatility of cryptocurrencies is the major problem because their prices are fluctuating according to the market.

4. Regulations: it is a major problem in cryptocurrency due to the negligible government regulations they are free in the trading process and coming in the various illegal things.

Summing up

The technology is changing as per the needs and requirements of the markets. Cryptocurrencies are the choice of investors due to their unique specifications like transferability, access, and value. But in contrast, there is also some threat that needs to be considered while using the crypto technology. The future of cryptocurrency is looking bright due to its investors in the market but many governments are finding it illegal due to various reasons.



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