The company is on the course to cross $2 Bn worth the deal flow in coming months.

CredAble, founded in October 2018 by Nirav Choksi and Ram Kewalramani, provides liquidity solutions to the large enterprises, their suppliers and distributors. The aim of the start-up is to provide a world class technology platform where finance expertise, trade partners with capital providers collaborate to deliver large scale supply chain funding programs to address working capital challenges of the company.

How it all started?

Kewalramani assessed the liquidity crunch shortage faced by the company as average receivables were in excess of 90 days whereas the company had to pay its vendor on a daily or weekly basis. He witnessed that it is not only causing inherent mandates to push the payments deadlines but also refraining the company to purchase the essentials. 

As per statistics, with an average delay of more than 35 days, 41.2 percent of suppliers in India encountered that delay in payment causes imbalance in the cash flows. This brought to devise a funding solution that can present a ‘win-win’ outcome for both suppliers and clients.

Today, the company has accoladed various awards such as Best Supply Chain Finance Solution of 2019, Best Start-up in Fintech Category 2018 etc.

CredAble: Two Core Platform Making the Centre

CredAble provides two technology platforms that work in parallel to extend support to business supply chain--the CredAble platform for enterprises clients that helps in facilitating the funding at the post invoice phase. Another is, Just in Time Financing “Smart Contract” that provides a platform for suppliers to obtain funding prior to invoicing.

The platform is integrated with the corporate’s ERP system from where it collects the approved invoices. It gives suppliers an opportunity to receive payment upfront for a trade discount which is backed by the corporate treasury or banks. It ensures to provide hassle free funding with limited paperwork. It eliminates the scope of bilateral negotiations with each vendor.

It also provides on-demand access to working capital for the participants in the enterprise supply chain that help solve the unexpected liquidity shortage in the firm.

How does it work?

For each invoice, suppliers select a date of payment and mention a flat percentage discount in exchange for early payment. In case, an early payment request is accepted by a corporate client, through the CredAble platform the payment is transferred into the supplier’s account on the specified date.

Similarly, for distributors three interfaces-- the corporate, distributor and the bank. The bank processes the funds via CredAble platform for the distributor and then, corporates take the call on whether to extend the credit period for the distributors. 

Talking about monetisation, the platform works on a success fee-based model there is no fixed, upfront or registration costs charged for either the corporates, suppliers, and distributors. It has also granted NBFC licence and participates in some of their supply chain financing programmes, thus, it creates substantial yield-based income.

At present, the company has processed more than INR 300 Cr worth of transactions on a monthly basis and has plans ahead to go deeper into the vertical by focusing on four major fields

Customer Acquisition

  • By creating the marketing model with financial institutions and banks.
  • By cross selling of products to existing customers.


  • Upgrading multi-system LMS/LOS for Just-In-Time Financing.
  • On a way to digitize smart contracts.

Capital Syndication

  • By adding more private banks, NBFC and QIBs onto the platform.
  • By providing access to the global capital for underlying Indian working-class asset classes.

Production Innovation

  • By building one umbrella product which covers the entire working capital value chain, like adding more products/ services to the existing line.
Combating Risks

The business encountered various challenges from fintech players that offer the similar supply chain payables as CredAble. Not only this, there were indirect challenges from lenders that deploy their programmes directly with the enterprise or with trade partners. 

CredAble has its own unique proposition that distinct it with the competitors, as competitors provide one-size-fits-all SaaS based solutions whereas CredAble’s approach is more inclusive and consultative that is specific to the problem of enterprise, supplier or distributor.

The company believes that by focussing on product innovation, building a sales model that can expedite the sales cycle of the company and by attracting and retaining top talent, the company can continue to stay ahead of the curve all across the globe, the industry engages with thousands of vendors and make transactions in large amount, the account payable creates a huge working capital shortage for suppliers.

So, CredAble is working to add multiple programmes so as to optimise the balance sheets.

As of now, it is working to increase the number of transactions that take place on the platform by 10X over the next two years. The company is on the course to cross $2 Bn worth the deal flow in coming months.


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