Cosmetics business is indeed a profitable business because the demand for cosmetic products is cruising up every day.

Every year, this particular sector gets turnovers of more than INR 100 crores. One can find a number of earning opportunities in this particular sector because it is one hub of ceaseless market demand. 

It can make you independent as any other proprietorship and can make the owner at par with some of the biggest brands in the list of cosmetic companies. If one starts the business and executes it according to the plan, it can prove very profitable. Cosmetics can include face creams, body lotions, powders, perfumes, lipsticks, nail polishes, and face make-up kits, colourful lenses, hair colour, hair spray and gel, baby kits etc.

Firstly, one should plan how to start the business. A business strategy and its proper execution is central to starting any new venture. The business strategist should decide a prime location to open the shop. If there are too many competitors around that location who are pursuing the same business, then the growth can be slow. 

One needs to get in touch with the supplier from whom taken regularly by the beauty products. The production and labelling of beauty products should be in accordance with the guidelines issued by the FDA. The business owner needs to be having enough information on these guidelines and due permission from the state. The Department of Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Protection, which consists of a separate page for cosmetics and beauty products. 

One can think of different means to carve their way into the business. For example, one can open a cosmetic shop or one can launch their own beauty care products and sell them. Just like beauty parlours and salons are always on demand, cosmetic products are equally on-demand too.

It is one such business where the investment capital is not much. If the business is to be started at a small scale an investment of INR 40 thousand to INR 1 lakh would be sufficient. Along with this, a beauty parlour can also be opened. The products of a cosmetic shop can be bought from online markets, malls, e-commerce stores, and any such market which sells products at the manufacturing price.  

One can also invest in creating their own website and selling the beauty products made by them, online. If one desires it, they can also open a shop to sell their products along with the website, for which they will need some area permissions, like identity proof and product guarantees. The owner will need to reduce a sales and tax resale certificate. 

The other option could be to start a website or a blog. It would be an interesting and profitable business to produce cosmetics and beauty products from home and provide beauty tips or home remedies for skin care. These are tips which many people seek. One needs to decide how the resources to make these products will be procured because many people can try to make their own cosmetics or beauty products but it can become an expensive affair. Therefore, most business owners are involved in the direct sales of beauty products. 

A great demand is also seen for providing home services, i. e., going door to door and providing skin care services for those women who might find it difficult to get transport to go to the parlour and do the needful. Associating with apps like The Urban Company, which seeks to serve expert beauty, cleaning and repair facilities to its customers through the app, can be beneficial for or those wanting to start this business, especially if they reside in Tier 1 cities where digitisation has made everything easier and where commuting from one part of the city to the other is difficult.

If a particular beauty store or a beauty parlour is registered on such an app as The Urban Company, the application will tell the user about the parlour services and the user can choose to avail the services. This also finishes a tad bit of the marketing job that the store might need to otherwise do. Such a beauty parlour or store would be like a mobile spa. 

There is a rising demand for ‘organic’ beauty products and companies like Biotique or Himalaya have succeeded in fulfilling most of these demands. One can start a business which sells such organic skin care products which are harmless for the skin and fill the need. 

Aroma therapy is another such idea that one can engage in making a business from. It can include an entire makeover through aromatic oils, yoga and spa which can clean the face and the mind. Many people would want to go for a soothing experience like this and such clinics can charge the value for their services.

Associating with different beauty bloggers, one can start cosmetics exhibitions and fairs which could bring together all the big names in the business. 

A body piercing store is another business that can be started by an entrepreneur who can provide the safety and skill of body piercing. 

Nail art is a growing art form and an exclusive shop for just nail art would mean big demand and a profitable business. 

DIY products and paper jewellery from quilling can also be sold online and offline in beauty stores. One can employ even the specially-abled for making these products which could open opportunities for them too.

Beautifying someone is an art and one must value the artists of the cosmetics industry who help us look beautiful. Most people working in these sectors do not get the value of their hard work, but if more businesses come up, they will find better opportunities. 

A cosmetics business can open avenues for a number of homemakers and it can empower women who have learnt the skills of a beautician. Starting a business can create employment for those who are hairstylists, make-up artists and who have a sense of fashion.


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