Copyright: The Need For Creative, Unique, and Exceptional Work

Copyright: The Need For Creative, Unique, and Exceptional Work

Copyright registration is essential for the person who creates unique & uncommon things.

In our daily life, Copyright touches us while reading a book, watching a movie, taking a photo, etc. Many people generally know all the things associated with Copyrights. But there are many other aspects which need to be considered while reading about the topic.

What is Copyright?

Copyright generally comes in legal terminology used to elaborate the rights that creators have over their works. It ranges from books, music, paintings, databases, advertisements, etc. Its ownership gives the power to the owner in using the work, with some exceptions. A person automatically owns a copyright to the work when a person creates an original work by fixing it in a tangible medium.

Types of works eligible for copyright: These are as follows:

1. TV shows, movies & Online Videos.
2. Works in the written format such as lectures, articles, books, etc.
3. Games & Softwares.
4. Recordings of sounds & Musical Compositions.
5. Websites.
6. Published editions.
7. Fashion designs.
8. Performances.

It is essential to remember that copyright does not protect titles, slogans, methods & Short phrases.

Procedure For Copyright Registration

It is under the Indian Copyright Act of 1957. Then we must see the necessary documents requires for an easier registration process. Though there are specific requirements for various kinds of works, broadly these are as follows:

1. Documentation: There are different types of documents required but some are as follows

  • In the case, you have published work then submit their 3 copies.
  •  Information about the applicants for ex-name, address & nationality proofs.
  • Title of the work publishes.
  • Power of attorney.
  • Details of the Author & Death certificate in case of death.
  • Nature of the work.

2. Filling of The Application: It is filled with two copies of the work with the government fee ranging from Rs 500/- to Rs 5000/-. It usually depends on the type of work.

3. Examination of the Copyright: After getting the receipt of the respective application the copyright department generally takes 30 days and then issues an examination report accepting it or giving objections.

4. Objection removal: The departmental objections need to be addressed personally or with the proper representation. At last, the copyright gets registered.

Why Copyright Registration?

Copyright registration is essential for the person who creates unique & uncommon things. It is important due to various reasons like

  • Prima facie evidence: It serves as the prima facie evidence in the court of law over ownership of the work. It also provides infringement protection and gives the creator the right way to take people who are copying their work and wasting his/her hard work.
  • Branding or goodwill: It can be easily applied in the marketing process and builds a sense of positivity in the minds of the customers.
  • Extended after creator’s death: Its validity is higher than any other intellectual property. It is generally for 60 years after his/her death.
  • Global Protection: Works that are copyrighted in different countries enjoy similar benefits in India. Similarly, those works which are copyrighted in India enjoy privileges in other parts of the world
  • Public Record: It also helps in the making of a public record.

The Validity of the Copyright Protection

Basically, the copyright protection liable for 60 years. In the case of musical & artistic works, 60 years is counted from the year following the death of the author. In cinematography, sound recordings, photographs, various works of the government as well as the global organizations, the 60 years is counted by the date of publication.

Copyright infringement: There are many legal consequences of copyright infringement. Under section 63 of the copyright act, the minimum punishment will be imprisonment of six months with a minimum fine of 50,000.


As we know that the uniqueness is the most requirement to assist the process of growth and development of society. Emphasizing the concept of uniqueness can lead to unspectacular results in various fields. In the case of Copyright, it protects the talent of the person and acts as a source of motivation. Registering the work with the Registrar of Copyrights helps in the reproduction, distribution, adaption of the work. Copyright registration is a lengthy process and takes 10 to 12 months but it motivates a person for prospects.

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