Bitcoin Cash : A Substitute of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Cash : A Substitute of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Cash is the invention of Bitcoin hard Fork in August 2017.

Bitcoin Cash(BCH) is a cryptocurrency and a payment network. It was created in December 2017 as a result of Hard Fork with Bitcoins with the motive of increasing the number of transactions that can be processed. According to its Website” Bitcoin cash, peer-to-peer electronic cash, Fully Decentralized no interference from a third party. Since its introduction in the crypto world, it has become a successful Bitcoin Offfshots.

Roger Ver, a well-known investor, and Bitcoin investor is an advocator of Bitcoin cash. He described it as “A Real Bitcoin” and generally referred to as the “Bitcoin Jesus” He was a well-known supporter of Bitcoin since 2011 to promote electronic freedom.

Key Takeaways

  • Bitcoin Cash is the invention of Bitcoin hard Fork in August 2017.
  • It has larger block sizes in comparison to bitcoin to facilitate faster transactions.
  • Despite philosophical differences, there are some similarities between Bitcoin & bitcoin cash like the same number of tokens in supply 21 million.

Differences between Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash

1. Block Size: One of the problems with Bitcoin that the speed of transactions is low due to the limited size of every block. The SEGWIT2X protocol of Bitcoin is intended to increase the size of the Bitcoin. But Bitcoin Cash has a size limit of 8 MB and it does not face the problem of slower transactions.

2. Algorithm: Bitcoin cash has a different algorithm in comparison to Bitcoin. It suggests that replay between the two blockchains is not possible.

3. Emergency Difficult Adjustment: Bitcoin cash uses new Algorithms in comparison to Bitcoin and it provides a stable environment to cryptocurrencies.

How Bitcoin Cash Prices get Affected?

1.  Issues of Bitcoin Scalability: Bitcoin cash is formed by a bitcoin hard fork and provides an alternative to the slow transaction which was faced on the Bitcoin platform. If Bitcoin does not solve the problem of scalability more people get to the Bitcoin cash.

2.  Regulations: Like other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Cash is not Regulated by the Central Bank and Government so the uncertainty is here on its prospects.

3.  Supply: Total supply of Bitcoin Cash is 21 million similar to bitcoin. Limited supply can also affect its prices.

4.  Competition: Bitcoin cash faces direct competition with Bitcoin and other various types of cryptocurrencies.

5.  Media & Prices: Advertisement, Influencers can also affect the prices of Bitcoin cash.

Functioning of the Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin cash is settled with a larger block size process transactions more quickly. These transactions can make a grab-and-go-retail purchase with BCH but if you were purchasing a car or other things you should prefer slower transactions like Bitcoin. BTC & BCH work for different roles. Not every cryptocurrency is store in value and not everyone is used for facilitating cryptocurrency. BCH is faster than BTC and facilitates faster transactions but it is still used for cryptocurrencies & widely adopted.

Bottom Line

Bitcoin cash has some differences in comparison to Bitcoin. It is created by Bitcoin’s hard Fork and maintained by the various special features which make it different from the original Bitcoin. Technological improvements & innovations lead to the newer dimensions of cryptocurrencies. It is interesting to see the new achievements of Bitcoin cash.

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