RVS Trust was established with the intention of helping children of poor people in Rural and tribal areas in Coimbatore.

In this featured story we bring to you an insightful interview with Dr. R. Nithiyanandam who is the Managing Trustee of RVS TRUST. Before we get into the actual questions, here is a brief background about RVS TRUST.

RVS Trust was formed by Late Shri Ramasamy Reddiar in the motive of helping to provide English medium education to the children of poor people in the rural and tribal areas in and around Reddiyarur Village, Pollachi, Coimbatore (Dt) during 1977.

CT: Please tell us something about how RVS Trust works in the areas of Education, Empowerment, and social welfare?

NN: RVS Trust works in the following areas education, empowerment, social welfare:


RVS Trust was established with the intention of helping children of poor people in Rural and tribal areas in and around Reddiyarur Village, Pollachi, Coimbatore (Dt) to receive English medium education under the name RVS Matriculation Higher Secondary School during 1977.

RVS Trust runs a college in the name of "SREE RAMU COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCE" affiliated to Bharthiyar University approved by UGC, New Delhi. The college is located at Coimbatore District, Tamilnadu.

Many of the students studying here are those whose parents / guardians have not received a school education either. English Medium Education is delivered at a reduced cost to support the Disadvantaged. The School is still operating till today with goodwill.


The Trust helps empower the society in several ways by helping the community of women, youth and students through organizing various programmes. RVS matric school alumni are well known physicists, engineers and so on who serve their community and society. The Trust provides free Computer Education to students and other villagers to develop their skill.


The Trust is committed to serving the health and social welfare of children and the elderly in situations of natural disasters like Tsunami, Earthquake, Flood, Covid-19 etc. by issuing relief materials.


Many Social Welfare activities have been carried out such as the renovation of many temples in and around Reddiyarur, Building Chatrams (Canopy), Toilets for panchayats, etc. Created opportunities to become entrepreneurs for HIV infected persons, Construction of Police Check posts.

Issued necessary equipments such as Timer-Bell, printers etc to nearby Government/Aided schools. Water Tanks were also built to Government schools.

CT: What is the “RVS Trust” in the reference & brief background about the Founder?

NN: RVS Trust is meant for service to the society, poor and needy.

About the Founder:

Late Shri S. Ramasamy Reddiar is an agriculturist who is service-oriented and hails from a small rural village. He is one of the students of the well-known legend G.D. Naidu who is a renowned scientist in Coimbatore Dt. He discontinued his PUC studies and took part in social activities. He is hard-working, intellectual and down-to-earth person.


On 7 July 1977, through the RVS Trust, he established RVS Matriculation School in order to improve communication and impose English knowledge on village students in and around Reddiyarur.

He provided services that had empowered youth, women, students and society. Aiming at the future of school students, he has established higher studies education began his higher studies on 2nd October 1996.

CT: How did founder conceive the idea of running RVS Trust? What motivated him to run an NGO?

NN: Many physicians, engineers and other professionals have to emerge from rural areas. English medium education should not be an obstacle to them. In order to provide them with high-level education RVS trust has been established.

If education is provided to village students through the English medium, they can shine globally and bring laurels to their society. Money should not be an obstacle for the poor people to educate their children.

CT: Tell us about what problem this program/service solves?

NN: Education to the main problem which poor people face. RVS TRUST ensures to help such people and make their children educated and help them to become a better human being.


CT: What was the biggest challenge you were facing?

NN: Starting a School/College in a rural area is itself a biggest challenge in the starting initial stage. Uneducated parents need to be made aware of the need for education, and it was a Tedious job to have their children admitted to school.

CT: Is there an achievement or contribution that you are most proud of?

NN: RVS TRUST has done a tremendous job since it was established. Some of them are listed below:

  • Established a college named “Sree Ramu College of Arts and Science” on 2nd October 1996.
  • RVS Trust is one of the renowned Trusts in this area
  • Granted Award from the Government of Royal Bhutan for “Successful Supporter in Higher Education”
  • Provides scholarships to poor students every year
  • Provides free education to overseas students (Bhutan, Srilanka etc)
  • Constructed 100 Toilets to nearby Panchayats
  • Renders Supporting services to sports persons
  • Issued relief materials to victims of Tsunami, Gaja Flood, Gujarat Earthquake, Kerala Flood, Chennai Flood, Sarkarpathi Flood, etc.
  • Supported HIV- infected persons to become entrepreneurs
  • Constructed two police checkposts at Reddiyarur and N.M.Sungam
  • Helped in the construction and renovation works of many temples in and around Reddiyarur
  • Built Subba Reddiar Chatram(Canopy)
  • Provided free computer education to poor students
  • Organized various counseling programmes to Higher Secondary school students
  • Organized several blood donation camps, eye camps, Diabetes awareness camps, Dental Awareness camps etc. for the benefit of the society
  • Issued Furniture and equipments to Reddiyarur Primary Health Center
  • Flooring was built to Chittur Government School
  • Issued necessary equipments to the nearby Government/Aided schools
  • Constructed Water Tank for the nearby Government school
  • Issued relief materials to the people affected due to COVID-19 pandemic
CT: What are the organization’s plans for future growth or change?

NN: Educate, Elevate all the rural and tribal people and reach every corner of the Country to do this noble work.


CT: What makes this organization different from similar organizations?

NN: Helps all people in society to live a healthy life with the knowledge they have acquired through education.

CT: What are the organization’s strengths and what challenges does it face?

NN: Strength:  Friendly approach & our challenge: To reach the last person

CT: Please share your insight on CLIQTAX as a firm motivating entrepreneurship.

NN: CLIQTAX is a bridge between the trust and the donor. It is 100% service oriented & Motivating the up growing trusts.

CLIQTAX extends heartiest wishes to Dr. R. Nithiyanandam for his journey. Kudos to him for such an amazing interview.


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