5G: A Boon For Global Telecom Industry

5G: A Boon For Global Telecom Industry

5G enables services that can easily facilitate the connection between machines, devices & objects.

“5G Goes Beyond The Regular Business Operations. It Is A Business Revolution”_BORJE EKHOLM  

The Above lines are suggesting that 5G is a revolution. Doubtless, it is a revolution that has the huge potential to change the Whole scenario of the Telecom Industry in the Global World. Nowadays, Mobile users want faster speed with reliability in the process 5G which is the Next Generation of Wireless network has the potential to Give these services, and much more. With the help of the 5G network, users can easily download High Definition films in seconds. In simple words, it is ground-breaking for the Telecommunication Sector.

What is 5G?

In Simple words, 5G is the fifth Generation Mobile network. It is the latest Global Standard service after 1G,2G,3G, and 4G. 5G enables services that can easily facilitate the connection between machines, devices & Objects. It can easily deliver multi-Gbps(Gigabits Per Second)  peak data speeds. Ultra-low latency, greater reliability great network capacity. High performance & Better efficiency are the qualities of 5G.

Key takeaways: Major requirements for 5G:

•    Data rate up to 10Gbps
•    Latency of 1 millisecond.
•    1000x bandwidth per unit area.
•    Up to 100x connected devices in per unit area.
•    Availability of 99.999%.
•    Coverage of 100%.
•    Definition of network energy usage up to 90%.
•    10-year battery life for low power IoT Device.

Potentialities of 5G: Some are given below

1. Modernizing Societies: 5G opens the latest options for safety with sustainability. Reduction of Carbon emissions by smarter electricity grids. Sensors can warn the situation of Natural disasters early. Deployment of Emergency services at a faster rate.

2. Industrial Transformation: 5G is instrumental in establishing effective, efficient & developing business. Production lines can easily react to supply & demand. Digital Replicas can wear about the Machinery faults. Increase the use of IoT in agricultural systems to increase productivity levels.

3. Quality Experience: The concept of VR (Virtual Reality), AR come in the domain of 5G. Teaching can become more interesting through immersive content. Maintenance of Stability & Reliability in crowded places.

How 5G is Different?

5G opens new dimensions for Technology and it works on Radio frequencies that are being used for your smartphones, Wi-Fi Networks & satellite communications. It can download HD movies in seconds it has wider dimensions like connecting the devices everywhere with reliability, Effectiveness & security.

5G & Satellites: The Interconnected Relation:

Satellite communication through 5G will soon become a reality. A New Generation of satellites will determine the full 5G coverage on earth. With the help of Space-based systems, 5G becomes able to give a higher level of accessibility, effectively & resilience.5G applications can be easily used in a wide variety of fields like Agriculture, Logistics, public safety, etc.

How Much 5G Technology is Secure?

As we know 4G networks use USIM applications to perform the authentication process Strong Mutual connection is essential for trusted devices.5G is more likely to use the existing security solutions which are used by 4G like SEs, HSM Certification, Over-the-air provisioning, and KMS. 5G promises to break the traditional connection of Data delivery by using more equipped connected networks.5G will need to introduce more security-related platforms that can stabilize connection of so many devices.

What is 5G Low Latency?

5G technologies give a low latency rate delay between sending & receiving information. From 200 milliseconds for 4G, we have to go 1 millisecond for 5G. A millisecond is 1/1000 part of a second

Real 5G Use Cases

5G is focused on IoT (Internet of Things) & Critical communications. In terms of schedules we can easily take the following use cases over time:

1.    Fixed Wireless Access (From 2018-2019 onwards).

2.    Enhancement in the Mobile broadband with 4G full back (From 2019-2020-2021).

3.    Tremendous MTM/IoT (From 2021-2022).

4.    Ultra-low latency & critical communications (From 2024-2025).

Bottom line

5G Technology is a boon for the Telecommunication Industry and customers.5G enables the interconnection of devices in a well-graded manner for the purpose of avoiding security breaches, technological problems & network management. Its applications are widely used in Well-Known Industries and it makes the industries capable with modernized technological Procedures & uninterrupted connection.5G is on the road of development and it has to make some great changes in Global Telecom Industry.

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